Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello Reveals New Stills

Amazon's Cinderella released new stills in time for its September 3 release.
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Cinderella is one of the most beloved classic fairytales of all time, and Amazon is about to release the newest adaptation.

We have seen so many countenances of Cinderella throughout the decades, and this time Camila Cabello is bringing her to life. With a cast including Idinza Menzel, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan, the timeless musical is well on its way to success. 

Cinderella Through The Ages

cinderella - camila cabello

The Walt Disney classic Cinderella story we grew up with is about a girl who lives as a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters after her father tragically dies. In every adaptation, she lives a difficult life being harassed by her step-family and juggling chores simultaneously until one night it all changes. With the help of her fairy godmother, who is always shown either as an actual fairy or human, she goes to the grand ball where her identity is concealed and meets the love of her life, the Prince.


After leaving the ball promptly by midnight as per the fairy godmother’s rules, she accidentally leaves behind the only thing that is unique to her and her alone: one of her glass slippers. The Prince is desperate to find her, whether it’s with her glass slipper, a cell phone, an iPod, or even her voice. There are a plethora of adaptations of Charles Perrault’s original Aschenputtel; some more GRIM than others.

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In the other “original” adaptation by the Brothers Grimm, things take quite a gruesome turn. In their version the evil stepsisters’ eyes get pecked out by birds, leaving them blind. When trying on the glass slipper, both sisters also had to cut/bite off parts of their feet or heels in order to make it fit. Good thing Disney used Charles Perrault’s version as inspiration for the 1950s hit animated picture, right?

Looking at the trailer, we are immediately shown that this adaptation of the timeless classic is different from others we are accustomed to seeing. Why? This one shows Ella, a girl who has a passion for her career of designing dresses, determined to create a life of her own rather than waiting to be rescued by a man. She is mocked by town folk and of course by her step family, who only care for themselves.

cinderella - stepsisters

Another reason this version stands differently than some others is the fact that her identity isn’t concealed completely. When it comes to costumes in this movie, you can tell from these stills that the costume design is modern with a dash of fairy magic. 

Writer and Director Kay Cannon explains her idea behind the costumes and the general vibe of the movie:

“While so many elements of the classic Cinderella tale are timeless, I really wanted to reach a new generation through contemporary touches on many of the aspects that felt outdated. The opportunity to turn some of those classic tropes on their heads was exciting to me, and I couldn’t wait to retell this in a way that’s more relatable to what girls, including my almost-eight-year-old daughter, and young women are going through today.

Our Cinderella is not just some pretty face waiting to be saved by a prince. She’s vocal, active, fearless and witty; she has dreams and craves independence. Her main priority is her career in a time when women couldn’t have one. Our Cinderella is someone that parents can watch their kids look up to in a new way, and my hope is that families will laugh, dance, and sing while watching this movie together. If ya know the words, let me hear ya!”

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Out of the many versions, my favorite has to be Walt Disney’s Cinderella in 1950. Its extremely nostalgic to me and it’s a family favorite. So much so that I can recite it in my sleep. I may be a bit biased because of my love for 2d, hand drawn animation but I truly think it’s a treasure. My other favorite has to be A Cinderella Story in 2004 starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray (drool). I mean, HELLO. The gazebo scene alone brings me to a pool of tears because of how perfectly it’s shot, the beautiful classic white Cinderella dress (but also, who doesn’t love masquerade balls??), Chad Michael Murray’s elegance as the “prince”, and a beautiful orchestral intro to Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” to top it off.

I hold both of these movies on very high pedestals so I’m curious to see how this new one goes. A Cinderella Story already started the modern day Cinderella trend but in this new adventure, I am excited to see a Cinderella who isn’t driven by the love of a stranger…but the love she has for herself and her career.

cinderella - ball

Another new thing we see for the first time is a genderless fairy godmother. In recent live adaptations of fairy tales, some of the changes seemed forced to me. For example, Princess Jasmine sang a powerful solo in the recent Aladdin movie about how she won’t be silenced. In my personal opinion, it was great for the character but somehow it felt forced to me so I hope that it’s not the case this time. Inclusion is great, I just hope it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t feel like it was pushed.

In conclusion I’m anticipating a fun musical with a timeless story but a modern day touch through new songs, dance numbers, little talking mice, and yet another James Corden musical appearance. What are your thoughts on the movie? Catch Amazon’s Cinderella in theaters and Prime Video on September 3, 2021.


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