The 1st Dazzling Thor: Love and Thunder Poster has Potentially Been Spotted

With new Hawkeyes episodes weekly and Spider-Man: No Way Home coming next week, Marvel guarantees to rule social media their first Thor: Love and Thunder poster.
Thor Pondering Christian Bale Thor: Love and Thunder

With new Hawkeyes episodes weekly and Spider-Man: No Way Home coming next week, Marvel guarantees to rule social media with what is potentially their first Thor: Love and Thunder poster.

Marvel shows no signs of ever being out of the conversation. Every week, at least for the next two, we get a new Hawkeye episode and we get what will likely be the biggest movie of pandemic times with Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it was just learned that Marvel may have quietly released the first poster of Thor: Love and Thunder!

Is this the first Thor: Love and Thunder poster?

Spotted in the wild by Twitter user @stuffnfilms, Jay as his profile states, the dazzling poster appears to be up at the Pyramid 10 movie theater. A google search for Pyramid 10 leads to point to this being at the Pyramid Mall 10 movie theaters in Ithica, NY. While I am personally not comfortable saying this is an official movie poster, I have no issues with talking about how gorgeous this poster is. The colors are bold and vibrant, and the countless teasings and clues to what to expect from the upcoming film explode on the canvas.

First off, Jane Foster Thor! Natalie Portman’s Thor is featured three times along with what appears to be a restored Mjolnir. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is also featured three times, which could be alluding to their equal right to being Thor. We also see an updated suit for Valkyrie as she rides her pegasus. It looks to be a middle ground of her Valkryie Armor and sleeveless/scrapper armor. Korg looks to have cleaned up the moss and mold from Endgame and is rocking some furry shoulder pads. But there is no sign of Meek.

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What sticks out most from the poster, aside from the weird inverted Marvel logo that kind of looks like a watermark or reflection, are Thor’s goats from Norse mythology. Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr are Thor’s goats that pull his chariot in Norse mythology. I don’t remember much from my classics class, but what I do remember was Thor would eat them for sustenance and revive them with Mjolnir. One time he shared the meat with humans, and a kid broke one of the bones to eat the marrow and the resurrected goat had issues after that.

Thor: Love and Thunder Poster

It seems unlikely the ever-replenishing goats will be an aspect of them we see used in Thor: Love and Thunder. As creative as Taika Waititi is, that just seems like a real downer to put in a movie for the masses. In the comics, Thor is able to summon them, pre-harnessed to his chariot, and use them to fly and travel as needed. They will likely be used for their transportation, and comedic value, from the looks of the goofy faces on the poster.

Lastly, the weird Marvel watermark/reflection. Considering this account was created in October and has over 1,100 tweets, it would be averaging 15 tweets a day. That is a fairly active account. This is all speculation, as I do not know how to verify this account or its info. But it does appear to be a Marvel fan, and even if it is not an official poster, it is still awesome artwork. However, because of the age of the account, I believe it could potentially be a marketing tactic from some PR firm or something, to have an organic account to “leak” or tease out things organically. Again, this is speculation, but it seems legit.

With Thor: Love and Thunder set to release in July 2022, it isn’t unlikely to begin seeing promotional content for the upcoming summer blockbuster. However, with Chris Hemsworth addressing the lack of Thor talk, it does seem like a fortunate coincidence that a poster for the next Thor: Love and Thunder just magically appears. Personally, it looks like a real movie poster. But if it isn’t, it is still incredible fan art from someone who knows about Thor in Marvel and Norse mythology.

Thor 4 Thor Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth

But what do you think about this Thor: Love and Thunder poster? Is it an official poster? Is Marvel’s PR team using new marketing tactics for organic/grassroots buzz? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

Source: Twitter @stuffnfilms

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