WWE Very Interested In Signing AEW Talent Wardlow

WWE may want to lure Wardlow away from AEW after last night's match. But what does Wardlow want?
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It’s no secret that AEW has a beast on their hands when it comes to the conductor of powerbomb symphonies, Wardlow. It seems WWE agrees.

Standing at 6’3” and weighing in at an impressive 276 lbs, this three time IWC Heavyweight Champion is someone that you should already know. If not, I can promise you some of your favorite wrestlers do – if you don’t believe that, the proof is already out there for you to see tonight. Wardlow once again steps into a major scenario that will have the world’s attention.


As I write this, Wardlow took on CM Punk for the first time ever as part of Punk’s storyline against the world’s greatest heel, MJF. That’s not even the interesting part: that belongs to who has taken notice of Wardlow. Earlier today, a very popular and noteworthy wrestling twitter account had something very interesting to say about Wardlow and WWE:


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Wardlow does seem to be exactly what Vince likes. A big man that has an attitude and a quick wit. In an interview he had with PW Insider earlier this week, he had this to say: 

“If we could say one thing about my career in AEW is that they love throwing me in high pressure situations. You see me wrestle every few months, and it’s a big one every few months. We had the MMA cage match, as you said. We had Blood and Guts, Cody cage match, Jericho. All things leading up to those matches, the days leading up, I’m usually very intense, very focused.

The difference this time with Punk is I seem to be much more calm. And I believe the reason is I simply don’t believe this is happening. It’s CM Punk. Jericho was always a possibility. A lot of names were always a possibility in my mind. But CM Punk was one of those guys who I never expected to step in the ring with. But after tomorrow, he might be back into retirement.

I don’t think it’s going to be your typical CM Punk match. I know he’s put on a lot of bangers with the AEW roster. This ain’t going to be a five star pretty match. This is going to be absolute mayhem and CM Punk is probably thinking about retiring again.”

It’s that confident attitude coupled with that forthright honesty that sets him aside from other “big men” in the business. Which, once again, makes him someone we could see WWE wanting. Currently it would seem that NXT, the Indie Superstar arm of WWE is being ruin by Bruce Prichard and he is known for loving the big men that aren’t afraid to shake things up. Just look at the new NXT champ, Bron Brekker who people are already drawing comparisons to Warlow.

What Does Wardlow Want?

Even in all of this, the question is: what does Wardlow want? We don’t even know when his contract is up. In his interview with PW Insider, he had this to say about his current situation and how he feels his future will pan out.

“As far as the world knows my career started with AEW, and it’s going to end with AEW, and I look forward to accomplishing and growing as much as humanly possible and reach the stars throughout the next 10 years.  AEW made my lifelong wildest dreams come true. Tony Khan gave me that, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, they gave me that.

The way people are treated there, the schedule, I am so beyond blessed and I don’t think there’s any convincing me that the grass is greener on any other side. Very, very happy with AEW and the way I’m treated and just how the whole company is ran head to toe.”

With his match last night, Wardlow had a lot to prove and a lot to say. We just have to watch and find out exactly what that is, and if it’s worth our attention.

What do you think about Wardlow’s new found buzz? Should Wardlow be in the discussion for the next champ? Is Wardlow WWE material? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: PW Insider


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