Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland Now Available in English on iOS and Android

The world of anime and Disney collide in a upcoming new exciting adventure mobile game called Twisted-Wonderland.
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The world of anime and Disney collide in a upcoming new exciting adventure mobile game called Twisted-Wonderland.

Twisted-Wonderland is a Japanese adventure rhythm mobile game that takes place in a Disney Villain Academy. Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan created the game, which operates as a loot-crate game system and allows players to obtain new characters with Twisted-Wonderland‘s in-game currency. Players are permitted to use their in-game currency to upgrade their characters.


The gameplay of Twisted-Wonderland is said to have three main elements: lessons, stories, and tests. The main character, whose name gets chosen by the player, enters a magical world inspired by Disney through an enchanted mirror. The player then arrives at this unique magic school called Night Ravens College and becomes acquainted with the Night Ravens headmaster and top students. Those top students are part of seven different dormitories, each based on an iconic Disney Villain.

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Eventually, the player’s mission is to navigate through the Disney world with the help of Night Raven College and find a way to get back home.

Disney announced that Twisted-Wonderland is now available in the United States and Canada, specifically on IOS and Android. To help celebrate its North American launch, Disney and Aniplex will be launching a unique campaign that includes many rewards, such as special log-in bonuses, super rare card summons, and limited deals from the in-game store.

Also available on launch are two storybooks: “Main Story Book 1: The Rose-Red Tyrant” and the “Main Story Book 2: The Usurper from the Wilds”. Finally, the game’s story progression will be based on three parts: Original Disney-Inspired Adventures, Twistunes Rhythmic Challenges, and Turn-Based Battles. Twisted-Wonderland is looking to be a unique game, especially crafted for Disney and Anime fans.


Disney Twisted-Wonderland opens its doors to players in the U.S. and Canada today with the long-awaited launch of the mobile game’s English version on iOS and Android.

To kick things off, the acclaimed mobile game is holding a special Launch Celebration Campaign where players can take advantage of a bevy of rewards, including special log in bonuses, a guaranteed Super Super Rare card summon, and limited time deals in the in-game store. Players will also receive all pre-registration campaign rewards to help them during their stay at Night Raven College.

Available upon launch are two main story books, beginning with “Main Story Book 1: The Rose-Red Tyrant” featuring characters twisted from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – the Heartslabyul Dorm, where students live their everyday lives following the laws set forth by the Queen of Hearts. In “Main Story Book 2: The Usurper from the Wilds” players will meet the students of the Savanaclaw Dorm, modeled after the perseverance of the King of Beasts and twisted from Disney’s The Lion King.

Story progression consists of three different parts: Original Disney-Inspired Adventures, Twistunes Rhythmic Challenges, and Turn-Based Battles. Within the Original Disney-Inspired Adventures, all character models are animated using Live2D and all the main story scenarios are fully voiced, adding immersive depth and compelling energy to the story.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland promises to bring a unique gaming experience to anime, manga, and Disney fans alike, with the visual and storytelling style of renowned anime and manga artist, Yana Toboso, best known for the wildly successful Black Butler series. This highly anticipated mobile game features an opening animation by TROYCA (Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note, Aldnoah.Zero) and an all-star voice cast including Natsuki Hanae (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tokyo Ghoul), Koki Uchiyama (Haikyu!!, Fate/Zero), and Atsushi Tamaru (The Irregular at Magic High School, The Asterisk War).

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is now available as a free download with in-app purchases on the App Store and Google Play.

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The game itself is a love letter to Disney and, of course, anime. Additionally, it’s great to know that the legendary Yana Toboso, known for creating the Black Butler series, has done artwork and animation for the game. So the visuals for the game look fit and similar to Black Butler. Also, the fact that the game has an all-star voice cast gives the game more gravitas. Hopefully, the game can pay tribute to Disney’s legacy and honor the anime world.

Overall, Twisted-Wonderland could become a cult classic and fan-favorite among the gaming community. Let us know your thoughts when you play in the comments below or on our social media!



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