Tribe Nine: Viral Star Corpse Husband Making Voice Acting Debut

Corpse Husband making voice acting debut in Tribe Nine.
Tribe Nine

Corpse Husband making voice acting debut in Tribe Nine.

Corpse Husband is one of social media’s rising stars. He is best known for his music and his “faceless” projects on YouTube. Husband is famously known for narrating horror stories and doing Let’s Play content on the popular game Among Us. The viral star is also famously known for having a deep bass or low-pitched voice, which he frequently uses in his narration on horror content.

His work and involvement within the online community and music lead to him being featured all over the place. Things like Among Us sessions for the Get Out The Vote initiative during the 2020 U.S Presidential Election and a charity stream on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. He also released some songs that topped music charts. With his current success, the viral YouTube star will lend his famous voice to Tribe Nine

Corpse Husband Makes His Official Voice Acting Debut in Tribe Nine

Corpse Husband Lands First Ever Anime Voice Acting Gig Tribe Nine

Corpse Husband officially announced that he had been voice cast in the hit anime series Tribe Nine on his official Twitter account. Corpse Husband will voice the character Ojiro Otori in the English dubbing of Tribe Nine. Ojiro will be an antagonist in the anime series. This announcement will be Corpse’s first voice-over of an anime project. Additionally, this will make his debut as a voice actor.

Tribe Nine is a multimedia franchise created by video game director and writer Kazutaka Kodaka. The franchise consists of an upcoming video game, and an ongoing anime series. The game will be a 3D Action Role Playing game and the anime series premiered on January 10th, 2022.

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Tribe Nine is set in a dystopian future (Year 20XX). The series focuses on many disordered youths that form their tribes in Neo-Tokyo. Unfortunately, those tribes become chaotic, and the government executes the XB Law. The XB law requires that any conflicts between the tribes get settled in a series of “Extreme Baseball.” Get a glimpse of the series in the trailer below.

Tribe Nine Trailer

Tribe Nine

About Tribe Nine:

In Neo Tokyo, disillusioned youth form tribes that battle each other in an intense sport called Extreme Baseball. One night, two kids – Haru Shirogane and Taiga – meet the strongest man in the world, Shun Kamiya. Together the three join forces to play this cutthroat game against a mysterious man who has begun taking control of all the tribes. Can they defeat him before it’s too late?

Directed by Yū Aoki (BEAN BANDIT), new episodes of Tribe Nine premiere on Mondays exclusively on Funimation. The English Simdub began on January 31.

Fans can watch the English Simuldub™ of Tribe Nine here:

What do you think of the Tribe Nine anime series so far? Are you excited about Corpse Husband’s big voice acting debut? What is your favorite Corpse Husband horror narration video and Among Us stream? Let us know what you think in the comments below or let us know on Twitter.

Source: Funimation

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