Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 7 – Switching Things Up

The tribe swap is here! Check out our review for the seventh episode of Australian Survivor.

Sandra shows why she is the queen in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water episode 7, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you have been warned.

Starting on the blue tribe, they are enjoying camp life after not having to go to Tribal Council in the last episode while Nina talks about how she enjoys working with her alliance and thinks she has what it takes to win the game.

At the reward challenge, it is revealed that there will be a tribe swap. Jonathan unveils their new buffs as they draw for new tribes. Mark is the only one to not draw a buff so he gets to choose the tribe he wants to be a part of. He chooses not to be on the same tribe as Sam for strategic reasons.

The new red tribe consists of Amy, David, Jordan, Jordie, Josh, Mark, Mel, Nina, Sandra, and Shay. The new blue tribe consists of Ben, Chrissy, Croc, Jesse, Khahn, KJ, Michelle, Sam, and Sophie.

The new blue tribe wins the reward which is revealed to be a Survivor hot-dog stand that will be brought to their camp. At the reward, Chrissy finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol which she shares with her brother-in-law, Croc. Tensions also continue to rise between Sophie and Sam.

At the new red tribe, Jordie talks about how he looks up to Mark and notices Sandra as a huge threat. Especially now that she has been reunited with her daughter, Nina. Mark also talks about his decision not to join his wife on the blue tribe. Sandra talks about her Day 16 curse and is apprehensive going into the swap. Nina is also worried about her mother’s threat level and basically tells her alliance that they gotta do what they gotta do.


At the immunity challenge, the red tribe struggles throughout the challenge giving the blue tribe a decent lead. While the red tribe was able to catch up it was ultimately too late as the blue tribe wins immunity, sending the red tribe to Tribal Council.

At the red tribe, there are a million plans put into place. Sandra throws out Dave while Mel’s name also gets thrown out, however, Sandra is the clear main target being spearheaded by Jordie.

At Tribal Council it is clear that the writing is on the wall for Sandra. Nina even votes her name down to preserve her status in the tribe. The queen of Survivor is unanimously voted out of the tribe making her the 5th person voted out of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, continuing the Day 16 curse.

Episode 7 Highlight Players

In this section of the review, we will take a chance to take a look at some of the highlight players in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Those players are Mark, Croc, Jordie, and Nina.

Starting off with Mark, his decision to not go on the blue tribe with Sam was shocking but probably the best move for both of their games. It would not be a surprise if the remaining couples become a major target as the season goes on so it’s probably best that they stay apart until merge.

Next, is Croc and while he didn’t find the clue at the reward, he was able to get the clue from Chrissy and go on to find the idol. I love seeing the two of them play together so far and I cannot wait to see their dynamic play out as we move forward in the game.


Moving on to Jordie, who was the strategic mastermind in this episode. He was able to do what the original red tribe couldn’t and that is by taking out the queen, Sandra. Of course, it is a good move for the red tribe to take out Sandra. She has won twice and has played an incredibly social and strategic game this season. This is the first time we have heard a lot from Jordie so I’m interested to see what else he has up his sleeve in the swap.

Lastly, we have the heir to the Survivor throne, Nina. Nina made the right call by voting out her mom. The writing was on the wall and if she hadn’t done that, she would have been the odd person out would have likely been the next target. Hopefully, this was enough to gain the trust of her alliance and she can make it much farther in this game.


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Overall this episode was great! While it was sad to see Sandra go on Day 16 yet again, she went out in glorious fashion. I cannot wait to see what the fallout will be like in the next episode!

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