Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2: Awesome Finale Paves The Way For Part 3 In 2023

The final episode of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 aired on Sunday and, let me tell you, it was AWESOME.
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The final episode of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 aired on Sunday and, let me tell you, it was AWESOME.

For those of us who haven’t read the manga (and even the ones who have, really), we have waited an immeasurable amount of time for this episode. We finally got a glimpse of what happened to Eren after crossing the sea to the “other side,” and it left viewers wanting even more.


So much has happened this season that I think it’s best to start at the very beginning. Strap in!

Attack On Titan: A Winding Road To The Climax

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We start Attack On Titan season 4 out with people we don’t recognize except for an older Reiner and Zeke, Eren Jaeger’s half brother. They’re in a land called Marley. and there’s a war going on between them and the Mid-East Allied Forces. Marley was the victor and the Marleyan soldiers got to go back home for the time being.

We discover Eren is undercover as a wounded soldier, infiltrating the Marleyan military. He makes himself known to Reiner, to his terror. Eren launches an attack on Marley along with Mikasa and the others, causing catastrophic destruction. It was the first time Eren saw his comrades in years but Eren had changed, and none of us (along with Mikasa and the gang) knew why. In some flashback episodes we discover that Eren and his half-brother Zeke were plotting something together.

When Mikasa and the gang find this out, there’s quite a bit of division. Eren betrays his friends and disappears to carry on with his own agenda – whatever that was.

Eren wants to protect the people of Paradis, the island in which he was born and raised, and destroy everyone else. Throughout some insanely suspenseful Attack On Titan episodes, we find out what his true plans are after he sabotaged Zeke’s contact with Ymir in the Paths, simultaneously severing his loyalty to Zeke. All hell breaks loose as Eren tells everyone he will destroy the world except for Paradis, to protect his people.

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Now finally using his power of the Founding Titan to awaken the titans within the walls, Eren begins “The Rumbling”. Eren seemingly pretended to be on board with Zeke’s euthanization plan but after he rejected Zeke’s plans, Zeke took Eren through Grisha’s memories through the Pathways, trying to convince him to continue with the euthanization plan. Grisha communicates to Zeke with the shared power of the Attack Titan that he and Eren both obtained.

He heeds a warning to Zeke to stop Eren at all costs. However, we haven’t seen Zeke since, and I’m wondering if Zeke comes back to do what his father says. We see our favorite comrades coming together and creating an alliance with Marleyans to stop Eren from carrying out his plan. At the same time, Jaegerists (those who are loyal to Eren and his plan) are trying to stop them. Tensions are high as friends go against friends are comrades are dying left to right.  

“The Rumbling” has been talked about since the very beginning, and we finally got to see it in fruition. I myself am a huge Eren Jaeger fan, but I’m on the fence about what he’s trying to accomplish. I want to believe that he isn’t a bad guy and he has a secret plan to save everyone.

In today’s Attack On Titan finale, we finally got to see Eren taking his form of the Founding Titan and it was truly incredible. Not because I want to see people dying or anything crazy like that, but just the sheer epicness of how it all went down. I even recorded my reaction because I couldn’t wait to see it.

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Most of the Attack On Titan episode shows us Mikasa’s flashbacks of what went down after the gang traveled across the sea and entered Marley. It was so bittersweet getting to see Sasha again (RIP) and all of them enjoying themselves with stuff they’ve never even heard of on their island, such as ice cream. One specific question Eren asked Mikasa in her flashback before he left them was what she considers Eren to be to her and why she cares so much for him. She blushes and nervously says he’s family to her.


I can’t help but think about what she would have said if she told him she had feelings for him! Immediately after, Eren and the gang share wholesome moments with people I believe to be middle eastern refugees. Drinking with them, partying, and just having a great time. It was SO heartwarming and bittersweet to see Eren actually enjoying himself.

It was really interesting to see people from the Middle East in Attack On Titan. But of course, being from around that part of the world myself, I couldn’t help but draw similarities to the wars that have happened and are still happening, in real life. The reason I bring up Middle Eastern people is because in this finale episode, we saw them camped out in some mountain. Since this was a flashback Mikasa was having, it had to have been before we see Marley at war with them in the first episode.

After finally seeing Eren as the Founding Titan carrying out The Rumbling, fans were waiting to see what would happen next. However, earlier today before the episode aired, it was revealed that a Part Three of Attack On Titan’s final season is coming in 2023. I was fully expecting there to be an Attack On Titan movie and was slightly disappointed that it’s being extended to another part to season four.

At the same time, I can’t be too upset because now we get more AOT! I’ve waited years, so what’s one more? Sure I’ll miss out seeing it on the big screen (honestly, what could be better?!) but I can’t complain. BRING IT ON!

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