The Legendary Lumpia Squad: Filipino American Comic Book Kickstarter Launched

The award-winning Filipino-American indie film Lumpia With A Vengeance will have a new spin-off comic book series: The Legendary Lumpia Squad!
the legendary lumpia squad kickstarter

The award-winning Filipino-American indie film Lumpia With A Vengeance is Kickstarting a new spin-off comic book series: The Legendary Lumpia Squad!

There is a new superhero team coming to town (specifically Fogtown)! This new superhero team will fight for justice with the power of Lumpia! Jokes aside, the creators and staff of Lumpia With A Vengeance announced a new spin-off comic book series called The Legendary Lumpia Squad. The Lumpia Squad made its epic introduction in the award-winning indie film Lumpia With A Vengeance. 


The Legendary Lumpia Squad will be the second spin-off comic book series based on the Lumpia franchise. The first spin-off comic is Jemini which focuses on the main villain of Lumpia With A Vengeance, played by Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2021, Katrina Jayne Dimaranan. Besides the spin-offs, the film helped start three main comic book issues. Kid Heroes Comics publishes the Lumpia comics.

The Legendary Lumpia Squad Wants YOU

the legendary lumpia squad comic

Lumpia With A Vengeance is a superhero comedy film directed by Patricio Ginelsa. The film is a sequel to the 2003 hit indie film Lumpia also directed by GinelsaThe movie focuses on the return of the silent hero Lumpia Man or Kuya (means older brother in the Filipino native language of Tagalog). Lumpia With A Vengeance takes place years after the events of Lumpia.

This time Lumpia Man teams up with a teenager named Rachel, who becomes unexpectantly involved with a crime syndicate that uses Lumpia as a drug. The film’s main cast includes Mark Muñoz, April Absynth, Earl Baylon, and Darion Basco. The mentioned cast is also the Lumpia Squad.

A Legendary New Superhero Team Emerges, A Team That Loves Lumpia.

The Legendary Lumpia Squad features Kuya (Lumpia Man), Rachel, who now calls herself Ate (Tagalog word for older sister), George AKA G-Dog (Kuya’s right-hand man), and officer Bayani (Lumpia Man’s older brother). The team made its first appearance and formed at the end of Lumpia With A Vengeance. By the looks of the first issue of the series, it seems the team will face off against a monster made of Ube (Ube is the Tagalog word for Purple Yam, used in many Filipino delicacies). The spin-off comic series will be twenty-four pages.

As a fellow Filipino-American having a Filipino-American superhero team is awe-inspiring. After watching the Wondercon 2022 premiere of the Lumpia With A Vengeance, I am highly excited for The Legendary Lumpia Squad to release later this year. The fact that they use lumpia as a weapon is already making me hype. However, I wonder if the team’s lumpia is pork, meat, or vegetables. Legendary Lumpia Squad is scheduled to release this Summer 2022.  

The Legendary Lumpia Squad Official Press Release

9 years ago, you helped us kickstart our independent movie LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE (View the movie trailer HERE), which won the AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the Hawai’i International Film Festival and is currently selling out screenings on its film festival tour. Then you helped us again by greenlighting our comic book series – ISSUE ONE PRELUDE, the follow-up ISSUE TWO INTERLUDE last year, the final ISSUE THREE POSTLUDE several months ago, and our first spin-off JEMINI #1.

Now with your support, we want to create our next spin-off comic book series – THE LEGENDARY LUMPIA SQUAD! This standard size 24 page comic book will revolve around the new super hero team introduced in the film LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE. (Kickstarter Link)

Lumpia With a Vengeance

About Lumpia With A Vengeance

Director: Patricio Ginelsa
Editor: A.j. Calomay
Screenwriters:  Patricio Ginelsa, Bernard Badion, Christopher Santiago
Executive Producers: Miki Gerelhuyag, Varinder Singh, Amrit Singh, Liza Cavan
Cast: Mark Muñoz, April Absynth, Francis Custodio, Edward Baon, Katrina Dimaranan, Caelan Scrivener, Earl Baylon, James Lontayao, Darion Basco, Joy Bisco, Danny Trejo
Synopsis:  In this crowdfunded action-comedy, the LUMPIA-armed avenger returns to Fogtown! A maid of honor to her own parents’ wedding, teenager Rachel finds herself tangled up with a crime syndicate selling drugs masked as food. She teams up with the crime fighter to prevent a mysterious crime boss from destroying her to n and her parents’ dream wedding.

Are you excited for The Legendary Lumpia Squad to release later this summer? Did you watch Lumpia With A Vengeance? What is your favorite dipping sauce for Lumpia? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.




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