Why Kirameiger and Zenkaiger Memorial Edition Morphers are Valuable for Collectors

Bandai’s Memorial Edition Morphers now include the main Changers for both Kirameiger and Zenkaiger, which have improved design and extra features. The Premium Bandai items were announced after the release of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger, which featured both Ranger teams in the crossover special. The Changers of the Sentai Ranger teams include Kirameiger’s Kiramai Changer and Zenkaiger’s Geartlinger, which are the primary Morphers of the respective series. These releases are upgrades from the original toy Morphers but have not been highlighted on why fans should obtain them while they can.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger is the latest crossover special that unites the cast from both the 44th and 45th Sentai series. This is also a unique event as both productions for the Sentai seasons were affected by covid restrictions, which meant that the cast of both seasons could not collaborate until recently. Along with the Rangers of the latest Super Sentai installments, other senior Rangers are part of the 28th installment of the VS series. This includes Gokaiger‘s Captain Marvellous and Lupinranger‘s Kairi Yano, who are played by Ryota Ozawa and Asahi Ito, respectively.


As part of a special event, both Kirameiger and Zenkaiger have had their Morphers re-released as Memorial Edition Changers. Previous releases in the line have included Ryusoulger‘s Ryusoul ken and Gaisoul ken, Gokaiger’s Mobirate and Gokai Cellular, and Lupinranger VS Patoranger‘s VS Changer. These releases have all had improvements compared to original toy releases that make them show-accurate and grant them additional sounds and effects. These include lines of the actors who portrayed the Rangers in the respective Ranger series of the Morphers.

Memorial Edition Changers of Zenkaiger and Kirameiger

Kirameiger’s Kiramai Changer and Zenkaiger’s Geartlinger have all been given more features that fans of the seasons will love. They are also collector’s items that warrant an overview to see why they should be obtained before they become too rare to possess. Both Changers also represent their respective shows and the nostalgia that surrounds them, plus also being Sentai series that were affected by covid restrictions. The benefits of these Morphers can be listed with Zenkaiger also including their gimmick, the Sentai Gears, as part of the package.

Special release of Kirameiger’s Kiramai Changer

Kiramei changer

The Kiramai Changer is the main Morpher that is used by the 5 core Rangers of the series. These include the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Rangers of the series, who use the Changer to Morph, communicate, and call upon their Kiramai Machines.

The greatest part of the Changer is that instead of 200 voice lines, it now contains over 300, which include all 6 Rangers, their Zords, and their allies. Music from the show is also included and two buttons allow the user to select voice line mode or Background Music (BGM) mode. Along with the Morpher, the Red Ranger, Juru, also has his sketchbook included, which features art that appeared throughout the series as part of the story. Here are the images of the Kiramai Changer Memorial Edition, along with a comparison shown on the official Bandai Youtube Channel.

The grey base seen at the bottom of the memorial edition shown in Bandai Mania will be changed, as this preview is only a prototype. The best feature is the Ranger morph sounds, which include a Ranger’s call depending on the mode. 8 different modes included with the Changer include Kiramaiger Mode, Juru Mode, Tametomo Mode, Sena Mode, Shigure Mode, Saya Mode, CARAT mode, and Kira Talk Mode. These character modes allow each of the respective Rangers to be selected in the Morpher, which is a gimmick fans want as seen with the Legacy Zeonizer Morpher of Power Rangers Zeo allowing for specific rangers.


The sketchbook is a fantastic item for both collectors and cosplayers, especially if they are a fan of Kiramei Red, Juru. The various phases from both the Rangers, allies, and the team’s Zords will make this Changer a beautiful time capsule for any collector. The images featured in the Sketchbook include images from the very beginning of the Kirameiger series to the movie-exclusive Kiramei Zenkaiju Gear. The cast and music featured in the Morpher include the following.

  • Juru Atsuta, Kiramei Red, played by Rio Komiya 
  • Tametomo Imizu, Kiramei Yellow, played by Rui Kihara 
  • Sena Hayami, Kiramei Green, played by Yume Shinjo 
  • Shiguru Oshikiri, Kiramei Blue, played by Atomu Mizuishi 
  • Sayo Oharu, Kiramei Pink, played by Mio Kudo
  • Takamichi Crystalia, Kiramei Silver, played by Kohei Shoji 
  • Mabushina, played by Inori Minase
  • Mashin Fire, played by Kenichi Suzumura 
  • Mashin Shovellow, played by Mitsuo Iwata 
  • Mashin Mach, played by Kenji Akabane 
  • Mashin Jetter, played by Genki Okawa 
  • Mashin Helico, played by Yuki Nagaku 
  • Plus, more to be revealed
BGM tracks:
  • Opening theme: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
  • Background music: Takameyo! Kiramental!
  • Background music: Kiramekouze!
  • Ending theme: Kiraful Miracle Kiramager

Zenkaiger’s Geartlinger becomes Show Scale

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition Gatlinger

The Geartlinger is the main Changer belonging to Zenkaizer, Zenkai Gaon, Zenkai Magine, Zenkai Juran, and Zenkai Vroon. These are the core team members of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, who use the Morpher with their personal Sentai Gears. The features of the Memorial Edition include voices of the cast, diecast Gears, and an increased scale compared to the original release. The Avataro version of the Zenkaiger gear seen in episode 48 will also be included but won’t be a diecast.

The new release of the Morpher also showcases the removal of exposed screws often found on Deluxe toys, which is a feature also seen for Gokaiger’s Mobirate and makes the Changer closer to a prop. Here are the images of the Zenkaiger Geartlinger Memorial edition, with all highlighted features and even images revealing the difference from the original toy.


The scale of the Geartlinger is one of the most significant issues that most deluxe Morphers have when they are weapon-based, such as the Ninja Ichibantou seen in Ninninger. This size increase means that the Morpher is much more show accurate, along with the hidden screws that used to compromise the appearance on the left side.

The additional voices will also tap into the nostalgia of the fans that have watched the show, plus the combination of the Die-cast Gears will add to the thrill of performing the morph. The only cast member missing from the Morpher is Yatsude Goshikida who was played by Ikue Sakakibara. The character was Kaito’s grandmother and played a significant role in the series as an ally with Secchan. Hopefully, she will be a last-minute addition when the Morpher is shown by Bandai. The featured cast who recorded lines and the music included in the Sentai Changer include the following.

Featured Cast:
  • Kaito Goshikida, Zenkaizer, played by Kiita Komagine
  • Juran, played by Shintaro Asanuma
  • Gaon, played by Yuki Kaji
  • Magine, played by Yume Miyamoto
  • Vroon, played by Takuya Sato
  • Secchan, played by Misato Fukuen
BGM tracks:
  • Zenryoku Zenkai! Zenkaiser! (TV Size)
  • Iza, Tachiagaru GoNin no Senshi
  • Gyakuten e no Toppako
  • GoNin Sorotte Zenkaiger!
  • Miyo! Zenkaiger
  • Jikai Yokoku

Any fan that obtains these Morphers will have true treasures in their collection as their scale and extras will add to the value only the memorial editions can grant. The only feature that has yet to be confirmed is whether the Kiramei Changer can be the respective Ranger when the transformation button is pressed, as seen when each individual character wants to change into their Ranger form with their Morpher. The 6th Rangers have yet to get their Morphers in the Memorial line but since Gokaiger’s Silver had a Morpher release after the Mobirate, it’s likely that Kiramei Silver and Twokaizer could have Morpher released.

The Kiramei Changer Memorial Editon from Mashin Sentai Kirameiger will be released in November 2022. The Morpher is available for pre-order via your favorite Tokusatsu store.

Super Sentai logo

The Geartlinger Memorial Edition from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger is also available for pre-order. The Morpher is scheduled to be released in January 2023.

As the release draws near, Bandai Mania is likely to highlight the releases in their videos as seen for previous memorial line items, which will give fans a better look at both Morphers. The Kiramei Changer has recently released a video that perfectly showcases the difference between the original toy and the new version, which can be seen using the following link.

What do you think of these Memorial Edition Morphers? Did you enjoy Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger? Which Ranger series did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below, and keep following us on our social media with more Super Sentai content. Remember, we’re always watching.


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