Digimon Survive: How to Get The Guilmon Bonus and DLC Help

How to Get The Guilmon Bonus and DLC Help in Digimon Survive
Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is out with many players purchasing the game, receiving the special Guilmon DLC, and getting special Digimon cards via EP!C rewards. However, there are those who didn’t receive the code in their physical copy or don’t know how to claim it in the game. To help make sure fans don’t miss out, a post on social media has said what to do if you haven’t got the DLC yet. This is due to the DLC only being available during the first month of release and may not be available after this time. 

Digimon Survive is a visual novel game with strategy RPG gameplay, which follows the adventures of Takuma and his 7 classmates when they are trapped in a mysterious world. In this world, they find themselves attacked by monsters but manage to survive thanks to Digimon that comes to their rescue. As they discover the mysteries surrounding the local legend of the Kemonogami, they must survive the dark Digimon that seek to harm them. In this game, your choices will mean the difference between survival or if the characters will meet their fate. 

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The Guilmon DLC was announced as a pre-order and first-month bonus for those who got Digimon Survive on release. The PC release via Steam automatically includes this DLC during the first month, however, those who order a physical copy will only receive the code while stocks last. Despite many obtaining the game, some have found their code to be missing or don’t know how to obtain the DLC pack of Guilmon and the healing item. Here is how to obtain Guilmon if you are missing the code. 

Digimon Survive: Claiming Guilmon From Bandai Namco 

Those who ordered Digimon Survive and didn’t receive the code as part of the package are asked to contact Bandai Namco Support. The limited release of the DLC has been a frustrating ordeal for some fans who find they don’t have the code they require for the game. In order to make sure that everyone has their chance to get the Guilmon and health item DLC, Bandai Namco has released the following statement on social media for those who have problems. 

Although it might be horrible to find you don’t have the code, it’s great that there is a way to make sure fans don’t miss out. Guilmon was the mascot Digimon of the Digimon Tamers series, so it’s not surprising that many won’t want to miss this iconic Digimon for their game. The Digimon also comes with a health item that could be useful in-game that is all about survival, as there are likely many near-death experiences that could happen throughout the story.  

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How to get Guilmon DLC in the Game 

Once you have the DLC downloaded or as part of the Month One digital bonus, players only need to access the menu to claim the DLC. The menu will be accessible once completing the Tutorials in the game, which the DLC option becomes accessible after completing the equipment tutorial. This can be done at any time in the main menu by looking at the bottom right of the menu screen, where the DLC button will appear. Here are the images showing the Guilmon DLC and where the access can be found. 

It’s likely that more DLC could be coming for the game but this first Digimon extra is one of the best choices that could be made for the release. It would be fantastic if Digimon such as Gammamon, Jellymon, and Angoramon are added since they have yet to have their video game debut, apart from the Vital Bracelet series. Gammamon has recently become a character in the Korean version of MMORPG, Digimon Masters. It may be a while before the new DLC is released but it is a possibility in the future.  

Digimon Survive Cards Available For EP!C Points 

Additionally, anyone who obtains a physical copy of Digimon Survive will also notice points included for the game. This is for the Digimon cards that are available via the EP!C rewards store on Bandai Namco. These cards include cards for Agumon, Labramon, and Falcomon with their Tamers from the card as part of the art. These exclusive cards can be claimed for 1000pts and can be used in a player’s deck for the trading card game. Here is the image of the 3 pack of the Digimon Survive Playcards. 

This is a fantastic bonus for Digimon fans to obtain but there is a chance they could run out of stock overtime. As no terms & conditions mention limited stock, this might mean the cards will always be available until further notice. The Physical copy of the game should come with a flyer that adds 1000 points to obtain the cards. Those who have purchased the game via Steam are likely to not get the points straight away due to the 14-day return policy.

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If you have linked your account to a Bandai Namco ID, the points should be added to your account but make sure to contact support via the website for any concerns. Its highly recommended to get the PC version via the Bandai Namco Store as any points gained will be instantly added in your account.

The Digimon Survive Month One DLC will only be available until the end of August, with physical copies of the code available while stocks last. Anyone who didn’t obtain the code as part of the copy should contact Bandai Namco Support with proof of purchase in your ticket, before the event ends.

What do you think of Digimon Survive? Have you obtained the DLC for Guilmon? Did you redeem the points to get the Digimon cards? Let us know on social media, or in the comment below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon. 

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