Power Rangers

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Top 10 Characters that we would love to see in the 30th season

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is one of the most anticipated series of the franchise, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in a massive way. The return of Mighty Morphin legends, David Yost and Walter Jones are the highlighted feature for the 30th anniversary. However, there are many different shows with characters that should be included in…

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Chainsaw Man

Thrilling Chainsaw Man English Dub Premiere Announcement Delights Fans

The English Dub release of Chainsaw Man has been revealed to be released this month by Crunchyroll. The next big hit anime series will be releasing the show with a star cast for the English dub with voice actors that have been in popular shows such as Demon Slayer, Black Clover, and Attack On Titan. The world premiere was revealed at New York Comic Con this year, with fans only having to wait less than a week for the first episode. 

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