Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Top 10 Characters that we would love to see in the 30th season

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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is one of the most anticipated series of the franchise, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in a massive way. The return of Mighty Morphin legends, David Yost and Walter Jones are the highlighted feature for the 30th anniversary. However, there are many different shows with characters that should be included in this massive opportunity to make the best Power Rangers series ever created. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury continues the story of the Dino Fury team in Space after Lord Zedd escapes from imprisonment. The series will feature the Dino Rangers redesigned for their new adventure and will feature Zords adapted from Uchi Sentai Kyuranger. The biggest announcement came from David Yost and Walter Jones, themselves, who will be returning as Billy and Zack from the first series. Billy and Zack were the originally Blue and Black Rangers from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with Billy leaving at the end of Power Rangers Zeo and Zack only continuing past his season in the comics as the Black Omega Ranger. 


Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Naturally, there are many reasons why the original Rangers of the first three seasons should be included. However, there are many Rangers and characters from various seasons that should be present on the 30th anniversary. Fans would naturally wish for more Rangers to be present but there are many characters who could build a show beyond compare. These expected inclusions include the Alien Rangers of Aquatar which have yet to be seen again. Here are the characters that should be included in episodes of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. 

10) JJ Oliver 

JJ is the son of Tommy and Katherine Oliver, played by Jason David Frank and Catherine Sunderland. The Son of the Rangers has been mentioned in the show but didn’t have an active place in the story until the BOOM! Studios comic, Soul Of The Dragon. The comic acts as a final chapter to Tommy Oliver as he transfers his power to JJ to continue his legacy. JJ has existed in the Power Rangers timeline as a mention during Power Rangers Ninja Steel, but the character was never seen.


JJ becomes the SPD Green Ranger after Sky is promoted to the post-Doggie Cruger once had. Bridge and Lina become then become the Red and Blue Ranger, respectively, with Z and Syd still part of the team. This could be a huge role as JDF stated he is moving on from the Power Rangers franchise, plus this character has yet to be fleshed out or have his live-action debut. Cosmic Fury would be the perfect chance to have this young character appear before he inherits a legacy. 

9) Maya, Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger 

There are many aliens in Power Rangers seen in various seasons such as the Alien Rangers of Aquatar. However, the inhabitants of Meranoy seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy have to return. This includes Maya, played by , who became the Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger when she was chosen by a Quazar Saber. Her ability to commune with animals and habit of swinging on vines have made her stand out among the other Rangers. 

Having a Meranoyian present would be an important addition, especially since the arrival of the Terra Venture colonists evolved the tribal age planet. Last time the planet was seen, skyscrapers and similar urban structures were built when the Red Ranger protected their home from Ghouls. It would be interesting to see how things have changed and perhaps answer how Bulk was able to return to Earth before Power Rangers Samurai

8) Mick Kanic 

Mick was previously seen in the first season of Dino Fury when tracking the Ninja Nexus prism that the Morphin Masters sent to find the Gold Dino Fury Ranger. Played by Kelson Henderson, Mick acted as mentor for the Ninja Steel Rangers and also gave a Ranger Data base to the Dino Fury Rangers. His return would be expected when the Rangers travel in Space but confirmation has yet to be given. Although Mick was a Ranger, his Red Ranger Power Star was lost when the Ninja Nexus Prism was broken at the end of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and was never seen again in the following Super Ninja Steel series.


Mick Kanic would be a fantastic addition to the show and would be amazing as a guide to intergalactic travels. It would also be amazing to see Kelson become a Ranger again, since Mick was given the Powers of a Red Ninja Steel Ranger during an episode of Ninja Steel. Hopefully, the character can once again be able to join the adventure and provide his support to the new challenge in Space. It would also be amazing if Ninja Nexus star allowed him to become a Red Ranger again, since he has been chasing the entity as seen in Dino Fury.

7) Emperor Grumm 

Many fans will remember this iconic villain as the main antagonist of Power Rangers SPD. This character was a major arch nemesis to the commander of SPD after Doggie’s home planet was conquered by Grumm’s empire. It is likely that Grumm has yet to set eyes on Earth especially as Earth Branch of SPD beginning has yet to be revealed but he may be attempting to conquer other planets during his campaign for universal dominance. 

As Lord Zedd has returned, it would be interesting to find out how Grumm will deal with the iconic villain and how they would respond to each other. Having this villain included in the story will help set out the path that leads to the beginning of Power Rangers SPD. Additionally, it would also set a fantastic story of how the balance of evil shifts within this unique, and undefined Hierarchy. It was stated that Emperor Grumm already had a empire so its likely the Cosmic Fury Rangers will end up in his domain.

6) Phantom Ranger 

One of the most mysterious Rangers that first appeared in Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space, who has yet to make another live-action appearance. The origins of the Ranger have been recently revealed in the Power Rangers Universe comics, which also include the origins of the Emissaries. He also owned two Zords that include the Artillatron and Delta Megaship, which have yet to be seen since they were borrowed by other teams. 

It would be awesome to see this unique Ranger return and find out what has become of the character in recent years. Considering the theme of the show, it would also make sense if the Phantom Ranger has a new Zord to lend the Cosmic Fury Rangers. Such a epic Ranger would suit the 30th anniversary series perfectly and would create a lot of hype for the show, since his origins were explored during the special comic mini-series. 

5) Ashley Hammond, Yellow Space Ranger 

The Space Rangers are a iconic team that travelled the Galaxy to find the kidnapped mentor, Zordon. There journey led to one of the biggest battles of good vs evil and Ashley was one of the Rangers that protected the Earth. Played by Tracy Lynn Cruz, the Yellow Ranger experienced many challenges around the universe and was last seen on Earth. Ashley was last seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy where she helped the Lost Galaxy Rangers defeat the Psycho Rangers before returning home to Earth.


Tracy Lynn Cruz would be an amazing addition to the cast and has been an amazingly active guest at cons. Most of the Space Rangers have reappeared in past episodes or in the fan-made extended universe by Nerdbot Studios. It has been a long time since fans have seen Ashley and her knowledge would make her a great mentor like Time Force’s Jen was for Hyperforce. It would be amazing to see how much Ashley has changed as there are only few Rangers that have been Earth-bound before learning to survive in space.

4) Kat Manix 

Kat was the brain behind the SPD Rangers and their arsenal, which makes her on par with character such as Mrs Fairwhether and Dr K. Kat was played by Michelle Langstone in Power Rangers SPD, who acted as the technical support and Ranger gear supplier. Not only does she have a large lifespan due to her species, but she was also present when genetic experiments gave her colleagues special powers inherited by their children, the Rangers of SPD. Kat was also able to become Kat Ranger temporarily, making her a Ranger that has only been seen once in the live-action show. 

Her appearance is long overdue since her presence would prepare the timeline for SPD. Kat is perhaps one of the most under-used characters in the franchise, and often overlooked despite her knowledge and abilities. There is also various possible origins that could be explored, such as the possibility that she comes from the Lion Galaxy like Mick Kanic. It would be a great way to tie in the timeline for SPD, which is set to begin in 2025 according to the show that run during the Disney Era of the franchise.

3) Hyperforce Blue 

Hyperforce is one of the only Ranger series that has never been seen in a live-action format. Eddie Banks was a Time Force cadet that became the Blue Ranger of Hyperforce, and was well-versed in the history of Power Rangers during the year 3016. The Ranger was played by Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy, who recently hosted the interview for Hasbro Pulse Con’ Ranger Panel. Hyperforce Blue also has many unique abilities and weapons that have only been seen in art and comics. 


This is perhaps one of the most significant characters in the Power Rangers franchise as Eddie was a lot like the Power Rangers equivalent of Gai in Gokaiger. Gai was a super fan of Super Sentai in the show, much like how Eddie knows a lot as a Power Rangers fan. Whether Andre is happy to appear in the show or simply voice act the Ranger, this Ranger would be a perfect addition to the 30th anniversary series. Many fans would love to finally see a Hyperforce Ranger finally debut in a live-action format, especially since the Ranger suits were never created.

 2) Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 

Alpha was the first assistant and ally to the Power Rangers in the first 7 seasons of Power Rangers. Both Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 assisted the Rangers on Earth and in Space, but these character haven’t been seen in years. Both Alpha units assisted the mentors of the Power Rangers, with Alpha 6 helping the Lost Galaxy Rangers after Zordon’s sacrifice. The last time a Alpha unit was in the show was during Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, who decided to go with Adam to help at his Dojo. 

It wouldn’t be a anniversary season or celebration of the original Mighty Morphin team without Alpha. Even after the loss of Zordon, he still assisted the Rangers where he can and is one of the most iconic Allies that the Power Rangers have ever had. Cosmic Fury would be missing out if a Alpha wasn’t present to complete the anniversary celebration. There was also a Alpha 55 in Power Rangers Hyperforce, which was originally imagined to be a Black and gold version of Alpha because of a Lootcrate release and ultimately became his appearance,

Honorable Mention – Justin, Blue Turbo Ranger 

Although present during the Mega War seen in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Blue Turbo Ranger hasn’t been seen since Power Rangers In Space. He was the youngest Ranger ever recruited but had an IQ that was advanced for his age. Justin was played by Blake Foster at a young age and has yet to make a return to the franchise. The Blue Turbo Ranger has only returned during the Mega War of Power Rangers Super Megaforce but his character has yet to appear again.


It would be amazing to see this Ranger one last time before the franchise moves on to the future. Plus there is one plot hole remaining for the Mega War, which involves the other three Turbo Rangers. This is due to all Space Rangers and Zeo Rangers present so hopefully the contradiction will be clarified by revealing new characters. The most fasnating reveal for Justin would be finding out what he becomes when he grows up, especially since he won’t grow in size every time he morph now that he is an adult.

1) Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger 

The mentor of the SPD Rangers has a dramatic past that was resolved in Power Rangers SPD. Cruger was played by John Tui and was a humanoid dog alien from another planet. During the series, he became the SPD Shadow Ranger and vowed to take revenge on Emperor Grumm for destroying his planet and taking his wife. Cruger was played by Whether Anubis starts the Earth Branch or starts at a lower rank has yet to be established. 

Cruger was adapted from Dekaranger Sentai series but became so iconic with the upgraded design used in Power Rangers. It would be amazing to see the return of this character and find out who he was before the commander of SPD’s Earth Branch. With SPD set in 2025, adding this character could help connect the dots for the near future to prevent a timeline paradox. There are so many wonderful ways that Doggie could be used in Cosmic Fury and his return debut would be a huge event. 

Not only an anniversary but this latest season could be a major event that honours the past, connects the time line, and builds the future in one grand event. Hasbro is currently working on Power Rangers Cosmic Fury with many great events planned. Only time will tell if various characters will appear in the show and whether the team will make it become the greatest era in the franchise’s history. For now, fans have the return of David Yost and Walter Jones to look forward to as many have been wishing to see Billy and Zack return since anniversary specials began.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is currently in production. The first 10 episodes will be released on Netflix for a worldwide audience. The release date has yet to be announced by Hasbro but expected to be approximately between end of February and March.  

What do you think of the top 10 characters that should be in Cosmic Fury? Are you excited about the Power Rangers’ 30th-anniversary season? What other features do you hope to this in this franchise celebration? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content. 



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