Braun Strowman Talks Big Heartbreak Of His Release And Who He Thinks Will Dethrone Reigns

Braun Strowman talks about feelings surrounding his WWE release, Triple H taking over and why he thinks he will be the one to beat Roman Reigns.
WWE Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman talks about feelings surrounding his WWE release, Triple H taking over and why he thinks he will be the one to beat Roman Reigns.

The wrestler is known as a “monster among men” and it is not an exaggeration. He stands at 6 feet, 8 inches and 340 pounds. Braun Strowman towers over most of his opponents and intimates all but a select few. His dominance in the main event scene of WWE adds to his “monster among men” nickname.


However, despite his huge size Braun Strowman has a sensitive side and in a recent interview with The Toronto Sun he revealed a bit of it. In 2021 shortly after wrestling for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania Backlash he was released from the company. He talked about what it was like getting the call informing him of his release.

“It was a very hard pill to swallow because at the end of the day, I realized that I was put on this Earth to be a WWE Superstar,” Braun Strowman said. “At first it was a big shock because it was like ‘Alright, what am I going to do now?’ I didn’t want to do anything else.”

Championship Match To Pink Slip

WWE Braun Strowman Omos
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Braun Strowman’s release shocked the wrestling world because he was one of the top guys in WWE and had just wrestled for the championship. The release blindsided everyone, but probably most of all Strowman himself.

After Strowman’s release fans thought there were only two places he would end up wrestling for, IMPACT or AEW. However, he pulled a swerve on us and began wrestling for EC3’s new promotion, Control Your Narrative aka CYN. He was part of a few shows, but even he was not able to make anyone care about the new promotion. He gave CYN a shot, but an old friend came calling and asked him to return to his old home. 


Earlier in the year Vince McMahon retired and Triple H took over the creative side of WWE. Since then he has brought back a lot of wrestlers and on Sept. 5, Braun Strowman made his return to WWE.

Braun Strowman talked about what he thinks of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon heading WWE:

“I think it’s awesome,” Braun Strowman said. “It’s always evolving. I always had a great time with Vince when he was in charge. He always led the steam for the motion of what WWE is. I have a great relationship with Steph and H and they’re such amazing people and they have such a passion for the business and the industry.”

Triple H Brings Back A Monster, But Has Kept Him Caged

WWE Braun Strowman MVP
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In the era of Triple H, WWE has made an upward turn and has improved greatly.  However, to many fans’ surprise, Strowman has been waiting in the wings and has not reclaimed his main event spot.  Since returning he has had a feud with Alpha Academy, Chad Gable and Otis, and a feud with Omos.  His return has so far been pretty lackluster.


Perhaps Strowman is just waiting for the perfect opportunity to go after an old foe who is just as dominant as he is.  He talked about how he is waiting for his time to go after Reigns and how he thinks he can take those championships off his shoulders.

“Any opportunity I have to go out there and get that chance at winning, getting that opportunity at the title … I mean, let’s be real, it’s about time somebody takes those things off Roman Reigns’ hands. The monster just might have to be the guy to do it,” Strowman said.

A New Big Threat To Roman’s Reign

WWE Braun Strowman Roman Reigns
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Reigns has been the Undisputed champion for a long time and it doesn’t look like any man can take those championships off of him especially with The Bloodline in his corner. However, Braun Strowman is no man, he is a monster.

Reigns’ next challenger will be Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble. Owens and Lesnar are probably the two opponents who have given him the most trouble when challenging for his championships. However, Reigns and Strowman have met many times in the ring and Reigns has had anything but an easy time with him. Maybe the time away from WWE has made Strowman more dangerous than ever before.

What did you think of Braun Strowman’s 2021 release? Why do you think Strowman has not been used much since returning? Do you think he will be the one to take Reigns’ championships?  Should he be the one to beat him?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you hope to see Strowman do in 2023 and who you would like to see him wrestle.


Sources: The Toronto Sun, Wrestling Inc.


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