Check Out The Glorious Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hot Toys Figures

Check out the new Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Figures
Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Figures

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is easily one of the best aspects of the Star Wars universe. The rich storytelling, revolutionary art style, and iconic characters carried the entire franchise for years when there was little going on in the movies. Not only did it bolster the franchise, but it also connected and reinforced the lore of the prequel trilogy and laid the groundwork for what we are currently experiencing in this new era.

To celebrate the glory of the series, Hot Toys has an incredible line of 1/6 scale figures inspired by the series. Check out the unboxing videos, images, and full product descriptions from Hot Toys below.

Yoda Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unboxing

A centuries-old Grand Master of the Jedi Order™, Yoda is respected throughout the galaxy for his wise teachings as well as his legendary fighting skills. Whether governing as part of the Jedi Council™ or commanding an army of clone troopers™ on the battlefield, Yoda is a small yet formidable wielder of the Force. Judge him not by his size!

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Inspired by the influential animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Yoda 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow brings the diminutive Jedi Master™ to life. The detailed headsculpt features a stylized portrait based on the iconic animation style of The Clone Wars series. This limited-edition, articulated figure is expertly painted in layered shades of green to give exquisite tonal depth.

Yoda is dressed in a tailored fabric costume which includes a brown shirt and trousers, plus a robe with wire in the hem which can be posed for added drama. Ready to fight for the Republic or walk the hallowed halls of the temple, this Jedi Master comes with both a green lightsaber™ and a walking stick. Also included are an assortment of hands and feet, as well as a flight stand, allowing for a wide range of dynamic battle poses.

Want to add a Jedi Grand Master to your collection? Pre-order the Yoda 1/6 Scale Figure from Sideshow, you must!

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Hello There!

Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure

Hello there! Based on his appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Obi-Wan Kenobi™ 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow features a stylized headsculpt and a carefully tailored fabric costume. The Jedi General comes with a lightsaber and a holoprojector with a Commander Cody™ hologram.

Bring peace to the galaxy with the Obi-Wan Kenobi 1/6 Scale Figure. Available now from Sideshow

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Don’t Underestimate His Power

Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Figure

The Anakin Skywalker™ 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow captures the Jedi Knight’s™ distinct design from the fan-favorite animated series The Clone Wars. Featuring a stylized headsculpt and a carefully tailored fabric costume, Anakin also comes with a lightsaber, a holoprojector and an Ahsoka Tano™ hologram.

Bring home SkyGuy today! Available now from Sideshow.

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Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Figure

The Ahsoka Tano 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow features a stylized headsculpt with her distinctive blue and white striped montrals™ and lekku™. Dressed in a carefully tailored fabric costume, the heroic Padawan™ comes with her unique dual lightsabers and a holoprojector with a Captain Rex™ hologram.

Add Snips to your collection! Available to pre-order from Sideshow.

Sideshow Collectibles
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What do you think of Sideshow Collectibles’ new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Figures? Which of these figures do you want? Do you already have a collection of Hot Toys Figures? Let us know what you think and share your collections and shelfies with us on social media!

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