Masters of the Universe: Revolution Casts Legendary Meg Foster as Motherboard

Masters of the Universe: Revolution casts live-action Evil-Lyn as Motherboard
Masters of the Universe

Mattel, the iconic toy company, has announced that Meg Foster, known for her role as Evil-Lyn in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe film, is making a triumphant return to Eternia in the highly anticipated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution. The new animated show is set to launch globally on Netflix in 2024, and Foster will be joining the voice cast as Motherboard, an ancient sorceress of technology embroiled in the battle for the soul of Eternia.

Meg Foster returns to Masters of the Universe as Motherboard

In Masters of the Universe: Revolution, Foster’s character, Motherboard, becomes a formidable force against the Masters, with a singular focus on plunging Eternia into darkness. Acting as Hordak’s liaison on Eternia, Motherboard is a powerful sentient artificial intelligence who wields nanovirus powers to manipulate Skeletor and the people of Eternia, aiming to ensnare the planet and Castle Grayskull as a prize for Hordak.

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Foster expressed her excitement and honor to return to the Masters of the Universe franchise:

“My part in Masters of the Universe more than 35 years ago remains one of my most cherished roles. I am both thrilled and honored to come back into the fold to embody a brilliant, all-new villainous character that adds color to the vibrant storytelling that Kevin Smith and Mattel have brought to life for fans around the world.”

Meg Foster, Motherboard in Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is the follow-up to the successful 2021 series Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and it promises to take the classic rivalry between He-Man and Skeletor to unexplored territories. This time, the battle transcends traditional limits as technology clashes with magic, pitting He-Man and the heroic warriors against the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat that looms over the entire planet of Eternia.

Masters of the Universe

Foster joins an already impressive all-star cast in Revolution. Chris Wood will be voicing the heroic He-Man, while Melissa Benoist takes on the role of Teela. Emmy nominee Mark Hamill will lend his voice to the iconic villain Skeletor, and the legendary William Shatner is set to appear in an undisclosed role, adding even more anticipation to the show.

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Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Mattel Television, expressed his excitement about having Foster return to Eternia,

“It’s not often that original and beloved actors return to their legacy franchises, so we are excited for the opportunity to welcome Meg Foster back to Eternia. Her presence in the original live action film left an undeniable impact on fans, so much so that it cemented the film in the pop culture zeitgeist for over 30 years, causing her formidable work as Evil-Lyn to set the stage for Meg to enrapture audiences once again, now as the villainous Motherboard.”

Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Mattel Television

Meg Foster is represented by Chris Roe Management, and her addition to the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution is a testament to the show’s commitment to honoring the legacy of the franchise while pushing its boundaries with fresh and exciting storytelling. The series, executive produced by Mattel’s Fred Soulie, Rob David, Christopher Keenan, Ted Biaselli, and Kevin Smith, is eagerly awaited by fans, and its debut on Netflix in 2024 is sure to be a highly anticipated event for fans of Masters of the Universe worldwide.

About Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Masters of the Universe

Release Date: 2024 exclusively on Netflix
Created By: Kevin Smith
Directed By: Adam Conarroe, Patrick Stannard
Executive Producers: Kevin Smith, Ted Biaselli, Adam Bonnett, Rob David, Christopher Keenan, Frederic Soulie
Producer: Susan Corbin
Production: Powerhouse Animation, Mattel Television
Music By: Bear McCreary
Cast: Chris Wood, Mark Hamill, Melissa Benoist, Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey, William Shatner, Meg Foster

The war for Eternia continues in the second part of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” an innovative and action-packed animated series that picks up where the iconic characters left off. With Skeletor now wielding the Sword of Power, the weary heroes of Eternia must band together to fight back against the forces of evil in a thrilling and epic conclusion to the two-part series.

What do you think about Meg Foster joining the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution? When in 2024 do you think we’ll finally get the new season? How many of the new figures have you added to your collection? Let us know your thoughts and share your collection with us on social media!

Source: Mattel

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