Top 5 Extraterrestrials that Power Rangers Has Neglected

Power Rangers' top 5 neglected Extraterrestrials.
Power Rangers

Power Rangers has debuted many extraterrestrials, but many have been neglected after their appearance in specific past series. With Power Rangers recently introducing Rafkonians, many locations are expected to be used during the upcoming Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. However, we have compiled the most underutilized species that had aided many Rangers in the past. Here are the top 5 Extraterrestrials that have yet to return to the franchise and explore their existence further. 

Since the beginning of the franchise, there have been many Extraterrestrials that have come to Earth during the adventures of various Ranger teams. These have included alternate human species and non-human species, which have diversified the Morphin Grid. Although there have been a lot of different races introduced, there are specific Extraterrestrials that have been neglected despite their significance to the timeline in specific series. With Power Rangers Cosmic Fury returning a Ranger team into space, we have compiled the most important other-worldly inhabitants that have been underused throughout the franchise so far.  

Top 5 Neglected Extraterrestrials from Power Rangers 

power rangers dino fury zayto
Rafkonian, Zayto, first introduced in Power Rangers Dino Fury

In this list, we have included the most significant extraterrestrials that may or may not have a human appearance. All listed races have made a huge impact on the series they debut in but have never gone beyond their initial Power Rangers appearance. However, we have also made acceptations for important storylines that were never fully explored in the live-action series, even if they managed to be used in other formats. Here are the top 5 most neglected Extraterrestrials from the Power Rangers Universe.  

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5) People of Mirinoi 

Originally discovered during the series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the people of Mirinoi were seen as a tribe of people that shared their home with the legendary weapons, the Quazer Sabers. Lost Galaxy Yellow was one of the people who left as they were turned to stone during the start of the series but were revived after the Rangers completed their mission and returned their Ranger powers. The people of Terra Venture made the planet their home when they crashed landed and were able to advance the technology of the people, including modern buildings as seen in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.  

Although sometimes referenced, the people of the planet have yet to be seen again and the state of society has yet to be revealed. There are so many factors that could be explored including the effect of sudden advancement and if Maya’s abilities were common among her people. This is a major loss for the history of the franchise, and it was never established if a network was set up between Earth and the new planet. It will be interesting to find out how they live now and explain how Bulk was able to return to Earth before the events of Power Rangers Samurai

4) Mercurians 

Power Rangers

Rarely seen, the Mercurians first debuted in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and were able to use and transform into liquid metal. Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, was one of these Extraterrestrials who could change his appearance, including being warped and trapped as a type of lava monster. Only one other Mercurian, Vella, showed that she has similar traits to Tyzoon including platinum blonde hair and silver eyes. Whether this is the same for all Mercurians has yet to be revealed fully and their history other than being rescuers and miners. 

This is a very significant race that appeared in Power Rangers as their abilities are extremely unique and Tyzonn demonstrated their overwhelming power in fights. It would be amazing to see their society and how they might interact with other planets, especially if they have technology specifically only their kind can use. Due to their unique physical traits and abilities, it would make sense if they could secretly blend in with any species and thus proving how underused the Extraterrestrials are in the franchise. 

3) Andresians – What happened to them? 

Power Rangers

The Andresians have only been seen in Power Rangers Super Megaforce and only Orion, Super Mega Silver, has been the only example of his kind outside of flashbacks. Although they haven’t been seen to have any unique abilities, Orion has demonstrated their technological proficiency as he could repair a damaged ship to travel to Earth. The biggest factor about the Andresians that has yet to be explored is what happened to them after the events of the series, including any survivors, any unique genetic traits, and if they managed to rebuild their civilization and home.  

It would be expected that some Andresians may have remained hidden or even enslaved when conquered by the Armada. It is hard to believe that any Ranger would have left the planet to continue being ruled by its captives, especially as Orion would have suffered from guilt without returning. The origins of Orion were also revisited during Power Rangers Hyperforce, which rewrote and revealed the real reason why Orion was able to capture a ship and travel to Earth. It will be exciting to see if Andresians will ever return, but there is a lot that should be covered and explored on this neglected planet.

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2) SPD A-Sqaud – Blue Ranger’s species (VA – Nick Kemplen) 

Power Rangers

One of the few Alien Rangers was the Blue Ranger of SPD’s A-Squad, who chose to be evil with the other members for power and personal gain. The species name was never revealed but before the disappearance, the A-Squad was the best Ranger squad of Earth Branch. The Ranger himself was never truly explored and neither was the rest of their team, but as the only Extraterrestrial among human Rangers, there is great significance to their species that has yet to be expanded. 

There is a ton of untapped potential for this character and his kind, especially in terms of their place on Earth and how events have affected them. This specifically includes the fallout from the only one of his species seen as a Ranger choosing to be evil. Whether there are other Rangers of his species on other planets or if he has caused hate as a result for his kind, there is so much left out that makes the species one of the most neglected in both story and general lore. 

1) Xybrians – Time Force 

The only Xybrian featured in a live-action series is Trip, who became the Time Force Green Ranger after traveling into the past to stop Ransik with his team. He is the first non-native Green Ranger and has proficiency in technology, including inventing new weapons and vehicles for his team. The gem on his head also allows him to read minds, pinpoint locations, and sometimes randomly see into the future. Xybrians have also been revealed to be a society without secrets, which led to Trip suffering negative consequences, including being at risk of being gullible to anything he is told.

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The comics did expand the existence of the Xybrians with the Supersonic Rangers featured in the Boom! Studios comics. It was a Ranger team from the 19th Century which featured Green Ranger, Trek becoming the Green Psycho Ranger. It was a planet that was never explored and even after the story was introduced in the comics, there is still so much story and fallout yet to be explored. This includes the revealed history never being mentioned during Trip’s time as a Ranger, which could have had repercussions socially on his home planet for being a Green Ranger like Trek. This is a vital event that should be explored but has so far been neglected.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is the upcoming new Power Rangers series that will debut a new journey into space. Although there are no confirmations, there are a lot of non-Earth locations that could be seen that previously appeared in other legendary series. The sequel to Dino Fury will be released on Netflix this Fall, with an exact release date to be announced soon.  

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What do you think of the top 5 neglected Extraterrestrials? Do you agree that these races and planets should be explored more? What would you add to this list from the Power Rangers universe? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.

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