Power Rangers Lightning Collection: New Image of Red Omega Ranger Leaks Ahead of 2023 Release

Looks like the Red Omega Ranger is coming to Power Rangers Lightning Collection.

A few months ago The Illuminerdi was able to share info on the upcoming Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Ranger 4 pack release from Hasbro. This set, due for release later in 2023, has not yet been confirmed or revealed by Hasbro themselves but thanks to an unlikely source fans have their first look at what to expect from it. 


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Previously it was mentioned that this set will include the Omega Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue Rangers with the Blue Ranger being the original humanoid design compared to the cat version introduced later on in the comics. The set will feature the weapons each Omega Ranger uses but in a similar fashion to previous multi-packs, the set will not be packed with swappable civilian head sculpts.


Recently eBay user highfive2010 posted a listing for a “power ranger prototype 6 inch” with a location of origin being China. This is curious as the picture shown for sale was that of an unfinished Omega Red Ranger figure, lacking a number of paint details and all of his accessories. 

Despite the location, it can be assumed this particular figure somehow made its way out of the factories for Hasbro’s Lightning Collection in Vietnam and ended up in this seller’s hands. The figure was sold shortly after going up but thanks to this image it backs up the report of this set being on the way. 


Red Omega Ranger

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The way this set is being released still remains a mystery until Hasbro is ready to drop the news and make the set public. Due to the more obscure nature of this team, being from the Boom Studios comic series, the price multi-packs have to be, and the special molding this figure is shown to have, it’s a safe assumption that the Omegas will be the Pulse Con Exclusive item for 2023. This is just speculation currently, however. 

From the picture, it can be seen that the golden diamond and line details all around the suit are sculpted, compared to how some other figures would do it just being a paint application. Despite the lack of paint on this model his identity as the Red Ranger is confirmed by the triangle symbol on the helmet, as each Omega features a unique one for the element they are based on. 


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What currently remains to be seen is how the articulation of this figure will be affected by the design, if any effect at all. Based on the shoulder pads in this picture it looks like they might block full movement of the arm compared to a normal figure, and possibly for this reason it looks to lack the butterfly joint usually used around the arm socket. 
Similar concerns could be in place regarding the left leg, as the design features the gold straps off the belt which could restrict movement, but this is all based on one photo and won’t be known for sure until the finished figure is seen. 

30th Anniversary Power Rangers

Speaking of the finished design, just for an idea of how he will look when complete here is a photoshopped version of the photo to add the paint detail. 

Hopefully, Hasbro will show off the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Ranger Team Pack sooner than later as it has already become a highly anticipated by fans release for those fans of MMPR, original non-Sentai suits, and comic readers. 

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Source: highfive2010 on eBay

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