Top 5 Highly Anticipated Features in Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1

Top 5 Highly anticipated featured in the latest one-shot comic, Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1.
Power Rangers Hyperforce Comic

Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1 will finally return the Hyperforce Power Rangers as a full-length feature comic. The new one-shot from Boom! Studios highlighted the release as writers Melissa Flores and Meghan Camerena continue the story that ended with a cliffhanger during HyperRPG’s original series. As there are many features included in the series, here are the top 5 highly anticipated features anticipated to be included in the upcoming release in the comic format.

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Power Rangers Hyperforce was originally a Table-Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) live-streamed series created by HyperRPG. The series was set as a direct sequel to Power Rangers Time Force and concluded with 25 episodes, which had an average runtime of three hours due to the format. HyperRPG’s Game Masters, Malika Lim Eubank, and Zac Lim Eubank weren’t involved in the new installment but Melissa Flores and Pink Ranger, Meghan Camerena, have finally granted fans a continuation of the story. The new comic will be a one-shot from Boom! Studios, which will feature a new chapter for the original Power Rangers team with Greek mythology motifs. 

Top 5 Anticipated Features in Hyperforce Sequel

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The following list is only anticipated featured based on events from the Power Rangers Hyperforce Web series. Some of these additions have yet to be confirmed but represent highlighted additions that were added to the series in episodes of the TTRPG series on HyperRPG.

*Warning: The following list may contain spoilers relating to the Power Rangers Hyperforce series, which aired on HyperRPG and concluded in 2017 with 25 episodes. 

5) Chloe’s Buritto Food Shenanigans 

Each member of the Hyperforce team has defining traits and moments that fans can remember from the TTRPG series. Eddie’s out-bursting confession, Vesper’s Leroy-Jenkins reference, Jack’s shrubbery distraction, Marv’s weird wedding dance, and Joe’s tense reunion with Nadira are a few great examples of memorable moments from the series. However, none have beat Chloe’s obsession with food and Burittos, which even caused the food to become a main feature of the Ranger series. 

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The Food shenanigans of Hyperforce Pink were all improv moments delivered by Meghan Camerena in the series, which added so many comedic moments to the series. A shirt featuring a Hyperforce Burrito was also released as a limited run, showcasing how significant the buritto became and the impression that Chloe left on fans of Hyperforce. It will be exciting to see if these shenanigans continue, especially since they allowed her to bond with her teammates and harleriously vexed Joe Shih/ Hyperforce Green.  

4) Chronos Hyperforce Megazord – Other 4 core Formation 

Although there was art featured in the series for the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord, there are actually 5 formations that the Hyper Zords could combine into. This includes the Serpent, Ram, Cerberus, or Pheonix as the core of the Megazord, allowing the Lion Hyper Zord to become a different part such as an arm. There was also only one image officially for the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord, which doesn’t suggest how the Zords transformed into each part as seen for the only visually revealed formation. 

The other formations of this original Megazord are one of the biggest expected additions to the upcoming release, which fans hope will explain how each Zord changes and where each part of them goes. Fans have been concerned regarding the Megazords featured in the comics, especially with the recent Omega x ThunderZord formation that doesn’t meet the standards of Robo featured in the franchise. Hopefully, a new perspective will be granted in the upcoming release and if done right, could be the greatest Megazord designs in the Boom! Studios comics.  

3) HyperForce Pink Battle Warrior 

The only Battlizer in Power Rangers Hyperforce, the Pink Battle Warrior was granted to Chloe Ashford when she received the Pink Power Gem from King Arthur and Lady Guinevere (Allie Gonino). The item is given to her in Episode 11 of the TTRPG series, which enhanced the Ranger with gold Battlizer armor and marked the first time a Battlizer was given to another Ranger instead of a Red Ranger. Visuals of the armor were never revealed, making the addition a highly anticipated feature that may debut. 

The Hyperforce Pink Battle Warrior was featured often in the series after Episode 11 but only fan art existed, guessing the Battlized version of the Pink Ranger. Vesper also gained a temporary Battlizer when she combined with the Sentinal Knight, which only an android can do. It would be unexpected if the Ranger didn’t use her exclusive form in the upcoming comic, especially with Meghan Camarena, who played the Ranger, writing the new comic alongside Melissa Flores. As both writers were part of the original series, both writers will likely do their best to include everything that was featured in the first season.  

2) Hydra Zord’s Megazord Mode 

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The Hydra Hyper Zord is the personal Zord belonging to the Green Hyperforce Ranger, Joe Shih. After losing his Time Force Morpher, he could no longer Morph into the Silver Time Force Ranger but was granted new powers with a Gold Shield when he returned to his time. From the planet Kaien and the older brother of Marv, Joe disappeared but joined the Hyperforce program when he first joined the Time Force Academy. The Hydra Hyper Zord first appeared in Episode 23 of the series, but no other formations were revealed. 

The multi-head Zord was a huge yet late addition to the Ranger team, which didn’t have much time to fully be utilized. Plans for other formations or its own Megazord mode were likely in mind, but there has yet to be any confirmation. Time Force Silver never got a Zord but both Joe and his Ranger forms could become invisible due to his ability. More from the Hydra Hyper Zord would be a significant feature to the comic book if this 6th Ranger’s 6-headed Zord finally revealed what it can do besides fire Lernaean Lasers.  

Honourable Mention – Thrax 

The Alliance Leader was a mysterious yet powerful figure that had led Time Force officers astray. It was later revealed that Chloe’s Father was behind the Alliance of Evil to stop Zordon from being destroyed, who had revived Thrax, the Son of Rita Replusa and Lord Zedd. Originally, Thrax was defeated by the Operation Overdrive Rangers and Veteran Rangers, however, he was taken from his time. Disguised throughout the series, Thrax fought the Hyperforce Rangers until he was defeated, but a sculpture of Thrax in the future suggests he may still be around. 

Although the story synopsis seems to suggest that Mistress Vile and Dark Spector are the main antagonists for the upcoming story, Thrax did play a major part in the first season as the Alliance Leader. It would be amazing to see the villain with his full power as the villain would be a perfect addition to the lineup. It hasn’t been confirmed if Thrax will even appear in the upcoming issue, but the energy he gave to Lord Zedd and Rita was enough to shift the balance of power and change history. 

1) Repairing the Timeline 

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The first season aired on HyperRPG left the series on a huge cliffhanger as the continuity was damaged in 1998 by Zordon being taken by the Alliance of Evil. This caused a ripple effect as the year 3016 with Time Force was replaced with large sculptures of Rita, Zedd, and their son, Thrax. Jen and Nadira left in the time zone have been affected by this change including Jen leading a resistance against ‘Lady Nadira’. In the year 1998, it was Thrax who gifts more power to Rita and Zedd, leading to them gaining advanced knowledge of the future.  

This is the crucial cliffhanger that Power Rangers Hyperforce ended with during its run as a TTRPG series, with the Rangers last seen re-entering the Hyper stream to find a way to fix the future. From fans that watched live to fans that discovered the series late, many were calling out for a Season 2 from HyperRPG but were unable to deliver due to Power Rangers being transferred to Hasbro and never getting a greenlight. Fixing the timeline and the time anomalies is the biggest feature the fans expect in the upcoming release, especially if the one-shot will finally complete the story.  

Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1 will be release on July 19, 2023, and will be a one-shot comic from Boom! Studios. The comic will be written by Melissa Flores and Meghan Camerena, with artist Federico Sabbatini and colorist Bryan Valenza.  

What are you hoping to see in Power Ranger Unlimited: Hyperforce? Did you watch the live TTRPG Ranger series from HyperRPG? Which is your favourite feature of Power Rangers Hyperforce? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content. We’re always watching.


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