PSYCHO-PASS: Providence Gets US & UK Cinema Release Date

Psycho-Pass: Providence is coming to US and UK theatres this year. Crunchyroll has revealed the release date for the upcoming new movie for the anime series.
Psycho-Pass Providence

Crunchyroll sets release date for Psycho-Pass: Providence in UK cinemas, with release in US theatres, already revealed. Psycho-Pass: Providence is the newest addition to the fan-favorite sci-fi thriller Psycho-Pass franchise, continuing the story of young inspector Akane Tsunemori and the authoritarian Sibyl System in futuristic Japan. As the latest installment, fans of the anime series will be able to enjoy the next chapter as it hits the big screen for an unforgettable experience as a case escalates beyond expectation.   

Psycho-Pass is a Cyberpunk psychological thriller anime series produced by Production I.G., which currently features 2 seasons on Crunchyroll. The original anime project started in 2012currently consists of three seasons and includes a trilogy of movies for the characters that appear in the series. The last release for the story was PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System, which featured three different backstories of characters that lead on to the third series.


The franchise revolves around The Sibyl System, an authoritarian system that quantifies the human personality. Sibyl’s analysis dictates every aspect of the citizens’ future. In exchange for Sibyl’s rule, the citizens enjoy a peaceful life. With all manner of mental states and trends being recorded and monitored, the standard by which an individual’s soul is measured is a number that people have come to call the Psycho-Pass. Detectives, wielding guns called Dominators that measure criminal potential, work closely with enforcers who hunt down latent criminals before they can break the law. 

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The young inspector Akane Tsunemori, a part of the Criminal Investigation Department, and her partner, enforcer Shinya Kogami, wrestle with the question of how a fair and perfect society can be upheld and maintained by a system that could possibly be corrupt. Now, after ten years, comes the newest movie that will act as the connective tissue between the movie Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System – Case 3: On the Other Side of Love and Hate and season 3 of the Psycho-Pass TV series. The entire story will now finally be told. 

Psycho-Pass: Providence Theatrical Debut in UK & US 

Crunchyroll, one of the leading and ultimate anime destinations worldwide, in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, is bringing Psycho-Pass: Providence to cinemas in the UK. The popular sci-fi dystopian thriller arrives in cinemas on July 14 in the US and on August 2 in the UK. The movie will also be available in 85 cinemas and will be dubbed in English.  

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Psycho-Pass: Providence is the highly anticipated next movie in the popular sci-fi action thriller Psycho-Pass franchise, currently available to stream on Crunchyroll. The first series of the anime debuted in 2012 to critical acclaim. The movie continues the story of the young inspector Akane Tsunemori and her partner Shinya Kogami, who take a strong stance against The Sibyl System, an authoritarian system that rules over a futuristic Japan.  

Psycho-Pass Providence

This movie is a significant installment that will bridge the gap between the previous movie and the third series, so it is a great chance for fans to enjoy the theatrical release if they haven’t seen the third series and its movie on Prime Video. Fans that haven’t seen the movies yet will be able to watch the first movie released but Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System is currently not available from the platform yet. The series so far can be enjoyed with the first two seasons on an anime streaming service but the Extended Edition for the first season contains new exclusive footage and animation fixes, which is perfect for new viewers that haven’t started the anime yet. 

Psycho-Pass: Providence will be released for US audiences on July 14 and for UK audiences on August 2. The movie brought by Crunchyroll will be revealing the timeslots available for cinemas and theatres closer to release.  

About Psycho-Pass: Providence

Psycho-Pass Providence

Release date:
July 14, 2023 (USA), August 2, 2023 (UK)
Directors: Naoyoshi Shiotani
Written by: Tow Ubukata, Makoto Fukami
Editors: Yoshinori Murakami
Production: Production I.G.
Distribution: Toho, Crunchyroll
Runtime: 120 minutes / 2hr
Cast: Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki, Kenji Nojima, Shizuka Itō, Miyuki Sawashiro, Ayane Sakura


January 2118. Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane Tsunemori, receives a report of an incident on a foreign vessel – the body of Professor Milicia Stronskaya has been discovered. Behind the incident is a group known as the Peacebreakers, a foreign paramilitary organisation and a new outside threat who are targeting the professor’s research papers known as the “Stronskaya Document”.  
Reunited with Shinya Kogami, a former fugitive from the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane grapples with a case that quickly escalates beyond their expectations. The Stronskaya Papers could reveal a truth that would shake Japan’s government, and even the Sibyl System, to the core. 
It is in this untold story that the missing link is revealed. 

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Source: Crunchyroll, We Got This Covered  

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