Awesome Power Rangers Dino Fury Team Up Pack Revealed

Power Rangers Dino Fury releases Team Up Pack featuring Battle Armor Rangers. This latest 6-inch figure set is the latest release just before the Cosmic Fury toy line starts.
Power Rangers Dino Fury

Power Rangers Dino Fury Team Up Pack revealed as the latest release of armored-up 6-inch figures has been listed on Amazon. The Rangers will each have a unique power-up form that has been featured in the Dino Fury series, including the Dino Knight armor for the Red Ranger. The release is a late entry that continues the Dino Fury line of toys before the start of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury coming to Netflix in the Fall. This unexpected release has surprised fans of the Power Rangers series a brand-new release for the action figure lineup. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury concluded with 2 Seasons that are currently available to watch on Netflix, featuring the adventures of 6 Rangers as they fight against Void Knight, Void Queen, and the Sporix Beast threat. The Rangers were able to access various armor modes using Dino Fury keys, providing special powers and abilities based on the key used. The most powerful of these forms were often linked to the Zords of the series and even special ultra-mode powers gained from the Dino Knight Morpher and Dino Master Saber.  

Full Power featured in Power Rangers Dino Fury Team Up Pack 

The latest release in the action figure lineup for kids includes the main 5 Rangers in the Power Rangers Dino Fury Team Up Pack. The set comes with 5 6-inch figures and 7 accessories for the Rangers, with multiple points of articulation for various poses. The set includes the Red Ranger in Dino Knight mode, the Blue Ranger with Freeze Battle Armor, Green Ranger with Cosmic Battle Armor, Pink Ranger with Smash Battle Armor, and Black Ranger with Blazing Battle Armor. The weapons in the set include four Sabers, Dino Knight Morpher, and the giant fists exclusive to the Smash Battle Armor.  

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It’s amazing that this set has been introduced to the action figure line so late, but it feels a nice gap on toy shelves for the Power Rangers section, until the release of toys for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. It’s fantastic that these armor modes are finally being released as they are nicely detailed for 6-inch figures, which kids aged 4 and above will enjoy. It’s a shame that the Gold Ranger doesn’t feature in this set as the Electro Battle Armor has yet to be released. However, the Dino Master mode for the Gold Ranger has been revealed previously, so the new additions would work perfectly as a full team.  

It will be interesting to see if the new Cosmic Fury Rangers will have any new forms during the 30th anniversary season. However, the only new additions will likely be related to new team members and new Zords. This includes the Orange Ranger that has yet to be revealed and there are still a lot of secrets regarding the powers of each Ranger. Fans are expecting 6-inch figures to be released for the new series, but the first Lighting Collection of the brand-new Ranger team will be highly desired by longtime fans and collectors.  

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Power Rangers Dino Fury Team Up Pack is available on Amazon and is currently priced at $55.99. Announcements for the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury line of toys are expected soon but only the Cosmic Fury Morpher has been revealed so far. 

What do you think of the 6-inch figure Team Up Pack? Have you collected any of the figures for Power Rangers Dino Fury? Is there a specific Power Rangers Cosmic Fury toy you are most excited about seeing? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.  


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