Donbrothers Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition Revealed For The Memorable 46th Sentai

Donbrothers Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition is releasing as part of the Premium Bandai line.

Premium Bandai has revealed the Donbrothers’ Ninjark Sword as the latest Memorial Edition release. This will join the line of releases in the line for the Avataro Sentai series, which was the 46th Super Sentai series featuring the weapon belonging to Don Murasame. The new release will follow after the Don Blaster and Zanglass Sword which will be coming soon starting in November and leading into releases for 2024. The main weapon of Don Murasame will be given a huge size increase compared to the Deluxe release and will also include lines from the cast of the series.  

Don Murasame was the hidden weapon for The Noto as the warrior was an artificial Ranger life form that served Mother. He was an opposing force in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers and started as a villain that hunted down the main team. His motif was based on a shark and even could transform into an Alter form that could switch between warrior mode and shark mode. Despite being guided to fight any threat as ordered by Mother, Don Murasame eventually gained his own consciousness which led to him joining the team in the finale.  

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The Ninjark Sword was Don Murasame’s only weapon and didn’t need to use Avataro gears to access different abilities. His body could be contained within the Sword as the Ranger was manifested from particles, but could be sealed by Sonoza using Haruka’s Manga. Along with attacks and finisher strikes, the Ninjark Sword also allowed Don Murasame to Avataro Change into past Rangers, change into his Alter form, and become a Black Robotaro that could form Black Onitaijin Murasame.  

Donbrothers Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition Coming to 2024 

The upcoming release of the Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition will feature a 140% size increase compared to the deluxe toy and will also include the removal of screw holes, with effects and sounds from the series. The Memorial edition will also feature dialogue from Donmurasame (Ayumu Murase) and Mother (Mamiko Noto), with a Narikiri Mode that includes Mother requesting tasks and giving praise. Three BGM songs will also feature for the release and will include lines from the cast including memorable moments from the series.  

Highlighted dialogue from the series includes interactions with Dangerous Jiro (Raizo Ishikawa), being sealed by Sonoza (Shinnosuke Takahashi)), and even intimately heart-breaking exchanges between Tsubasa Inuzuka (Taro Hiiragi) and Sononi (Amisa Miyazaki). Lines from scenes involving Haruka Kito (Kohaku Shida), Taro Momoi (Kohei Higuchi), Shinichi Saruhara (Yuuki Beppu), and Sonoi (Yuya Tominaga) will also be included. As a special bonus, the Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition will also include First Love hero manuscript style sheets. Fans will recall these from the 47th Sentai series as the Manga that Onisister, Haruka Kito, was writing and drawing throughout the series.  

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Curiously, the next revealed release isn’t Jiro Momotani’s Ryuko No Geki for Don Doragoku and Don Torabolt, but this is likely related to the Commercialization Project involving Kibi points from pre-orders. This is the perfect release for fans who collect Changers as the Sword for Don Murasame is his personal Changer in the series. Much like the Zanglass Sword Memorial Edition, the weapon will likely interact with the Don Blaster as the Deluxe toy had the same function. This is an epic weapon that can’t be missed by any fan of Donbrothers and will be a perfect asset to any collection. 

Donbrothers Memorial
Zenkaizer Black Version of Zenkaiger Memorial Edition. Scheduled for Release in October 2023

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition is scheduled for release in March 2024 and will be a Premium Bandai exclusive. Other Memorial Edition will be released before the upcoming weapon from the Donbrothers line starting with the Don Blaster in November 2023.  

What do you think of the Ninjark Sword Memorial Edition? Are you a fan of Don Murasame from Donbrothers? What else do you want to be released from the 46th Sentai series? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. We’re always watching.


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