Majestic KingOhger Robo DX King-Ohger Zero Gets Astonishing Premium Bandai Release For The 47th Sentai

Premium Bandai releasing King Racules' DX KingOhger Zero Robo.

KingOhger is releasing the DX King-Ohger Zero as a Premium Bandai release, featuring OhKuwagata Ohger’s partner Shugod. The black and gold Robo featured in the Secrets of King Racules spin-off will be released as part of the DX toy line, including God Kuwagata Zero. The new release will also increase the total of Shugods available in the series and will feature a whole new design and color scheme for the artificial guardians that are under the control of the twisted King. This variant will be available near the end of the year, adding a must-have addition for fans of the 47th Sentai series. 


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Ohsama Sentai KingOhger originally had only 5 Kings before Gira took the power of Kuwagata Ohger. The backstory of King Racules, the reigning King of Shugoddam, featured in the spin-off miniseries Secrets of King Racules revealed the origins of the Ohger Calibur Zero that allowed the tyrant to become OhKuwagata Ohger. Only two episodes have featured in the series released on YouTube, with the latest episode debuting the gold and black, KingOhger Zero. King Racules’ partner Shugod, God Kuwaga Zero, originally made his debut in Episode 6 of the 47th Sentai series and could form KingOhger in the place of God Kuwagata.  

Premium Bandai DX KingOhger Zero 

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The black and gold variant belonging to King Racules will be released for the Deluxe line by Premium Bandai. DX KingOhger Zero will feature God Kuwagata Zero and 9 matching variants of the other Shugods that create the Robo. This will be the only way to obtain the artificial Shugod that appears in both the series and spin-off and will be compatible with the other deluxe Shugods from the standard line, meaning show-accurate formations can be created from the series.

The toy will feature high possibility and can combine with the three treasure Shugods, God Hopper, God Kabuto, and God Scorpion, for an incredible color-matching Legend KingOhger Zero formation. 

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This deluxe variant of KingOhger is a must-get release for fans of the series that want all Shugods that feature in the series. The Robo has an amazing color scheme and unique design as the details are completely different from the main Shugods that form KingOhger.

Not only will fans be able to obtain the King’s partner, God Kuwagata Zero, but it will also allow for 32 Shugods to be collected from the series. This is due to the series including 22 Shugods in total and for the ultimate combination, excluding these Gold and black variants. Fans that have been enjoying Secrets Of King Racules will be missing a vital piece to their collection if skipped, and it will be amazing to create mixed formations with the other Robo. 

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KingOhger DX KingOhger Zero will be a Premium Bandai exclusive and is scheduled for release in December 2023. This is expected to be one of the last releases for the Deluxe Shugod line, with the Super Mode releases expected during the 3rd quarter schedule.  

What do you think of DX KingOhger Zero? Are you a fan of God Kuwagata Zero and the Robo’s color scheme? Have you been watching the spin-off Secrets Of King Racules? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.  We’re always watching.


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