Dune 3 in Active Development With Denis Villeneuve

Will Denis Villeneuve direct a third film in the acclaimed science fiction saga?

It looks like Denis Villeneuve might get the chance to work on a third film of the seminal science fiction saga, Dune. Following the release of the latest trailer for the next installment of the film franchise adaptation of Frank Herbert’s amazing book series, Dune: Part Two, Deadline reported that Dune: Part Two will be the second film of a “planned three-film” saga based on the classic sci-fi book series.


It’s not surprising that there would be more films for the franchise. Dune and Dune: Part Two only adapt the first novel of author Frank Herbert’s seminal book series. Herbert wrote six novels in the series before his passing in 1986. His son, Brian Herbert, and author Kevin J. Anderson wrote later novels in the saga.
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Way back in October 2021, shortly after the release of the first movie, filmmaker Denis Villeneuve informed Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to make “at least three” films for the franchise. Following the first book, the next installment in the novel series is Dune: Messiah. Those chapters were followed by Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse: Dune.

So, it looks like Villeneuve is already making plans and thinking about a third film that would likely adapt the Messiah storyline, which depicts the continuation of the saga after the first novel. Regardless of which storyline direction goes, the source material is already there, and Messiah makes the most sense. So, hopefully, Villeneuve and much of the same cast for the first two films would be able to return for the third film.

Dune 2
TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET as Paul Atreides in Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ action adventure “DUNE: PART TWO,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Frank Herbert truly created a vast sci-fi universe and mythology when he created the book series. It’s no surprise that Legendary Entertainment Warner Bros. see the potential for the sci-fi saga. Besides the films, Legendary is also currently producing Dune: The Sisterhood. The Sisterhood will explore the origins of the Bene Gesserit Order, aka The Sisterhood, of the saga. The new series will act as a prequel to the 2021 and 2023 films.

The Sisterhood is being written and executive produced by Alison Schapker, who also serves as head showrunner for the series. Deadline recently reported that Olivia Williams and Jodhi May have been cast in the upcoming show. Meanwhile, Lou director Anna Foerster will direct multiple episodes of the new series, which will stream exclusively on Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max service.


With the various orders, factions, planets, and royal houses found in the sci-fi saga’s universe, there are many areas the franchise could potentially explore in films or potential television spinoffs. With a show in the works about Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, another show could explore the Order of Mentats or the Spacing Guild.

Warner Bros. and Villeneuve have not yet announced any official plans for the third film, and it’s likely still early in the development stages. The first movie Villeneuve directed was well-received by critics, scoring 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film only did $102 million domestically and $402 million worldwide, but that is largely due to the film having a day and date release strategy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Warner Bros. is likely waiting to see how the second film performs before announcing details on the next installment.

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The acclaimed feature was also nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. The film ultimately took home six Oscars, including Best Original Score for Hans Zimmer, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Film Editing, and Best Visual Effects.

Dune: Part Two is due to hit theaters on Nov. 3, 2023. Villeneuve once again directs the film from a script he co-wrote with Jon Spaihts and Craig Mazin. The film once again stars Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Zendaya as Chani, Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Dave Bautista as Rabban Harkonnen, and Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

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The sequel sees Austin Butler joining the cast as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, along with Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, and Christopher Walken as Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. Tim Blake Nelson is also part of the cast in a currently unknown mystery role.

What do you think of the news? Do you think the next film in the saga Villeneuve will direct will adapt Messiah? Are you looking forward to Dune: Part Two? Let us know what you think about the news on The Illuminerdi’s Twitter account.

SOURCE: Deadline

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