KingOhger King Kuwagata Ohger and DX Crown Lance Revealed For The Magnificent 47th Sentai

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger debuts King Kuwagata Ohger and Crown Lance, followed by DX roleplay toy and figures as the latest releases.

KingOhger Crown Lance has debuted in a recent episode of the series, with the premiere of King Kuwagata Ohger. This includes the gold armor form for the Red Ranger of the 47th Series and toys released as part of the event. OhKuwagata Ohger will also have his unique form as the corrupt King is the first to use the golden armored form in the latest installment. All toys relating to the Super mode will be unleashed this month, including leaks regarding upcoming debuts. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger currently consists of 6 Rangers and the evil King of Shugoddam, who all fight against the onslaught of the Bugnarak. King Racules continues to add twists and turns since his debut as OhKuwagata Ohger but continues to demand the other Kings to bow before him. The latest episode of the 47th Sentai series sees the evil King enter a peace treaty with the Bugnarak to become the ruler of the world. As the Bugnarak continue to attack other countries, Gira and the leaders of the other countries team up with the 6th King, Spider Kumonos, as Racules reveals a new weapon in his arsenal. 

KingOhger King Mode and Crown Lance Debut 

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KingOhger episode 18 featured the debut of King OhKuwagata Ohger and King Kuwagata Ohger as King Racules reveals the Crown and Crown Lance. The new mode grants the user gold Stag Beetle armor as they gain greater power using the latest addition to the series. The episode featured the evil King using the crown before it is taken and given to Gira, leading to the activation of the Extreme KingOhger formation. The debut reveals that the Crown is the activation device, whereas the Weapon serves for combat and Shugod-related purposes. 

The armor looks fantastic for both Rangers and, amazingly, they added a little unique twist for each form, despite them sharing a motif. It’s also curious that OhKuwagata Ohger has grey showing whereas Kuwagata Ohger is nearly completely gold, which might be a design choice to demonstrate unity with all countries. It’s great that the activation simply uses the Crown and there is twist activation while attached to the weapon, which fits with the concept well. It’s also perfect that the debut also links to the Extreme King-Ohger formation, but fans are already aware the Caucasus Kabuto Castle is also linked to the latest addition due to leaks.  

DX Crown Lance & King Kuwagata Ohger Figures 

The recent episode is followed by the release of toys for the new debuts including the DX Crown Lance and figures of King Kuwagata Ohger for the Action Hero and Vinyl lines. The Crown Lance features the 6 jewels representing each of the 6 Kings, excluding OhKuwagata Ohger, and activates sounds and lights relating to the new mode. The DX toy also includes an attack feature that calls upon each Shugod, including the 10 that form King-Ohger, the weapon-class guardians, and the 4 treasures of Chikyu. 

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The activation includes pressing the red jewel on the crown to activate the King mode, with twisting on the Crown Lance for using attacks and Shugod-related sounds. The figure for King Kuwagata Ohger will also be released for the Action Hero line and will include the Crown Lance with the figure. A Vinyl figure will also be released for the new mode of the Red Ranger. A release for King OhKuwagata Ohger has yet to be announced for any of the figure lines.  

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So far there doesn’t seem to be interactions with the other roleplay weapons in the line, but the figures are a great addition for fans of the form along with the collection of previous releases. It will be exciting to find out how the DX Crown Lance will activate sounds for other formations previously leaked including the 20-Shugod combination. Although an addition earlier than expected, the Caucasus Kabuto Castle will follow as part of the 3rd Quarter of releases during the 47th Sentai, which will also include a golden Shugod for the new Robo.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will continue to air in Japan every Sunday, with episode 19 to debut on July 9. The DX Crown Lance and the King Kuwagata Ohger figures for both lines are scheduled for release on July 14, 2023.  

What do you think of the Crown Lance? Do you like the golden King forms for Kuwagata Ohger and OhKuwagata Ohger? Which has been your favorite debut in KingOhger so far? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. We’re always watching.


Source: tv-asahi, Tokullectibles, RangerBoard   


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