The Miz Talks About Missing Out On Big Johnny Cage Role In Mortal Kombat 2

The Miz discusses his feelings on fans casting him as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2 and missing out on the role to The Boys' Karl Urban.

The Miz discusses his feelings on fans casting him as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2 and missing out on the role to The Boys’ Karl Urban.

Miz just may be the number one guy in WWE that fans love to hate. He is very arrogant and brash. He has been one of WWE’s goto guys for a long time. This includes starring in many action and comedy movies and also TV shows. He has become a wrestler who can act and could easily make the transition to just acting.

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There have been three Mortal Kombat movies in total with a reboot in 2021.  Many fans were disappointed with the film not including Cage.  However, a sequel is in production and Cage has been confirmed to be in the film.

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When Johnny Cage was announced to be in the upcoming film fans began to cast who they would like to play different roles and Miz was one of the frontrunners for the Cage role.

Miz recently did an interview with and he talked about what he thought of the 2021 film and what he thought of fans wanting him to be Cage.

“This is the first time I’ve actually got asked this question. So I’ll be honest, I really wanted to be Johnny Cage. When I saw the movie, the Mortal Kombat movie, I really liked it. I know there was a lot of… Some people critiqued it. I really enjoyed it, I loved it. I thought it was amazing. It just brought me back to my childhood.

I’ve always loved the character Johnny Cage, and when it wasn’t in there, I was like, ‘Oh, wow man, I can’t believe they didn’t put Johnny Cage in.’ And then at the end, you’re like, ‘Oh man, he’s coming in part two, episode two.’ And then with my name, literally the next, when it came out, it was like a Friday, my name was trending with Johnny Cage. And I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It wasn’t a bunch of people. It was my name. And I was like, ‘This is crazy.’”

– The Miz –

Cage And Miz Have A Lot Of Similarities

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Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat video game franchise is a struggling action movie star with a background in martial arts. He wanted to revive his career and so he entered the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Cage is extremely arrogant and brash like Miz. However, like Miz he also has a lot of actual skill and is able to back up his words. Cage is one of the original characters from the original Mortal Kombat game and he has remained one of its most popular characters.

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Miz seemed like the perfect fit and talked about campaigning for the Cage role and what he thought of losing the part to Karl Urban.

“And so I remember calling my agent and going, ‘Dude, I want this. I don’t know what I have to do. Call whoever you have to call. I want this bad.’ And then I’ll even say, I even put a campaign,”

Miz continued:

“I went out on every interview and every time someone asked me about this question, I would say, ‘I want to be Johnny Cage. I want to be Johnny Cage.’ I never got an audition, which is fine. I mean, maybe they just didn’t see me as the character.

– The Miz –

And then I heard Karl Urban got it, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ And people were like, ‘Are you mad? Are you angry?’ And it’s like, I never get mad or angry when someone else gets a part that I want. I am fully supportive of a person getting. I imagine they’re going to work as hard as I will work to make sure that that character is honed in, locked in, and is the character that the audience wants and loves.”

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No Hate, Only Love From Miz

Even though Miz admitted that he was bummed he didn’t get the role he has no hard feelings towards Urban.  He is just such a big fan of Urban and Mortal Kombat that he can’t wait to see the movie when it is released.

“And I think Karl Urban, I’ve watched him on The Boys, I think he’s a terrific actor. I think he’s going to do an amazing job as Johnny Cage, and you better believe I’m going to watch it.”

– The Miz –

The upcoming Mortal Kombat sequel could be on the shelf for a long time. With the actors and writer’s strike this movie could be affected and we may not be able to see Cage on the big screen for some time.

Mortal Kombat 2

What do you think of the Cage being in the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie? Do you think that Miz would have been better for the role? Does Miz missing out on the role to Urban make you more or less likely to see it? Are there any other actors who you think would have been perfect for the Cage role? Let us know what other video game roles Miz would be perfect for over on our social media!

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