KingOhger: Past Episode of Kyoryuger Could Explain Exciting Integration

KingOhger fan theory could explain integration with 37th Sentai with past episodes of Kyoryuger.
KingOhger Kyoryuger Crossover

KingOhger’s crossover with Kyoryuger could have a surprising explanation after a fan discovers a reference in a past episode. The 10th Anniversary of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger has been leaked as Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is expected to take part in the celebration. An episode of the 47th Sentai series has recently been shared on social media, suggesting a link already exists between both Sentai teams, years before KingOhger was revealed. This could reveal key details regarding how both teams can meet and how the 47th Sentai fits into the universe.

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger was the 47th Sentai series consisting of 11 Dinosaur powered heroes and their Zyudenryu partners. The history of the Sentai team is traced back to the time of the dinosaurs when the Earth was invaded by an alien menace called Deboth.


The Deboth army previously attacked planets with life on other planets and almost wiped out the dinosaurs, until some were transformed into Zyudenryu. Before they were defeated, the 1st Kyoryu Violet, Doctor Ulshade (Shigeru Chiba), traveled to research asteroids to find out about the Deboss and their history.

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KingOhger X Kyoryuger: Fan Discovers Possible Backstory Easter Egg

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger leaks have revealed upcoming releases for the Kyoryuger 10th-Anniversary celebration, including Diago appearing in the series. However, a Sentai fan has recently uncovered an easter egg from the Sentai series years before KingOhger was a concept.

Episode 21 featured the debut of Kyoryu Violet as he returns from his travels in space. A reference to the Shugods was spotted by the fans as the origins of the Deboth army teased an ‘insectoid form of intelligent life’ that was detected and destroyed.

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This potential link could suggest that Chikyu is another planet found in the common Sentai universe, rather than a different version of Earth. If true, then this could suggest that a Shugod could have been targeted by the Deboth before they set their sights on Earth.

As there are many mysteries regarding the past for the series, the introduction of Kyoryuger could explain events that go beyond 2000 years ago. It will also be curious to see how the rumored V-Cinema could expand the story for Kyoryuger, but many reveals have to confirm any details.

At the moment, the super sentai show is already debuting the third Robo of the series as King Caucasus Kabuto made its appearance in Episode 23. A teaser for the 20-Shugod combination, God KingOhger, has already been revealed to debut in Episode 25.

This means that these early releases could then allow for the crossover to take over many episodes since a lot of mysteries in the season have been answered. It will be interesting to find out what the final episode count will be for the 47th Sentai series, especially if there are more surprises in store for the remaining 25 potential episodes.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is currently airing every Sunday in Japan via TV-Asahi. The upcoming 25th episode will air on August 20, 2023, which will feature God KingOhger making their first appearance.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger Episode 25 Teaser

What do you think of this backstory easter egg? Are you excited to see the crossover reveal for KingOhger and Kyoryuger? Do you have any guessing on the direction the rest of the 47th Sentai will take? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.

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