Thunderbolts: New Sentry Details Will Make Comic Fans Smile

Steven Yeun’s rumored Thunderbolts character may take a different arc than the rest of the team.
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New updates have shed light on Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts character Robert Reynolds/Sentry and his arc in the forthcoming movie. Robert ‘Bob’ Reynolds profoundly connects with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and most prominently, Dark Avengers in Marvel Comics. Sentry started in Marvel Comics as a legendary hero who sacrificed his memories to save the planet from his dark alter ego, The Void. In doing so, he earned the respect of heroes such as Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic. 

In the MCU film Thunderbolts, Steven Yeun is rumored to be playing the character, and, per the new details from Can We Get Toast, he will be part of the eponymous team of anti-heroes. According to the outlet’s latest post, X, Bob Reynolds/Sentry will begin as a member of Contessa Valentina de Allegra Fontaine’s elite task force, comprising anti-heroes gathered from all over the world. 

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However, after the first two acts, Sentry defects from Thunderbolts owing to some incident that changes his character’s course in the movie, which shall further impact his arc in the future projects of the MCU continuity. The post further suggested that Jake Schreier’s MCU venture will give Sentry a comic-book-accurate look, with the signature golden costume and blonde hair. 


If the rumor is true, Sentry will join the likes of Winter Soldier, Red Guardian, Taskmaster, and Ghost in their quest to execute a mission given to them by Val. However, Sentry’s conflict with his psyche and mental instability makes him a unique part of the ensemble. Therefore, he will undoubtedly be the most complex character in the story. 

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Sentry is also part of comic book lore, which may bring him closer to Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Reynolds gains his abilities through a Golden Sentry Serum, developed as part of a Super Soldier Program. MCU has already offered the program an extension via The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and therefore, Sentry holds a pre-established relationship with Marvel heroes and the franchise. 

Marvel has given all the characters a distinct origin story in the MCU continuity. And Sentry will most likely get a similar treatment. However, it will be exciting to see Sentry getting a significant back history before he is roped in the Thunderbolts team. While rumors about Steven Yeun’s casting as Sentry have not been confirmed, the Academy Award-winning actor is the right fit for a middle-aged superhero with cosmic powers and an equally powerful evil of malice. 

MCU Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts will be the most unique MCU project in recent years. Instead of a superhero team-up, this will be a team-up of ex-villains. If The Avengers took serious motivation to connect and collaborate against Loki, this team would find it more challenging to ally with each other and focus on a singular goal. Operating on self-interest and keen on breaking the rules and directions, Thunderbolts will be an enticing mess of superpowered individuals. 

The film is currently slated to release on Dec. 20, 2024. Before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes, the film was sent into a rewrite phase under writer Lee Sung Jin, who notably worked with Yeun in the acclaimed series Beef. Since SAG-AFTRA remains on strike, the principal photography’s commencement on Thunderbolts is suspended. 

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So, unless the strike is resolved before the year is over, it’s possible that the release date might have to get shifted at some point. However, it’s still up in the air at the moment. For now, the film is keeping the December 2024 release, much like Deadpool 3 is keeping May 2024 as well.

Will Sentry’s defection from Thunderbolts be the reason for him taking on an antagonistic path in the MCU? Will Void be the central villain of the Thunderbolts movie? Tell us your opinions, theories, and thoughts on The Illuminerdi social media

SOURCE: Can We Get Some Toast

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