MARVEL COMICS – Don’t Miss 5 Fantastic Issues Arriving Jan. 10, 2024

Everything you need to know about 5 of the hottest Marvel Comics storylines!
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Marvel Comics are published every week with new issues arriving on Wednesdays. Which issues should you be picking up, and what do you need to know before reading?

The following is a list of 5 Marvel Comics hitting shelves on Jan. 10, 2024, that should not be missed. An honorable mention goes out to Sensational She-Hulk #4. While entertaining, the book isn’t hitting quite as many notes as the other runs on this list.

Marvel Comics Presents – Blade #7

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Credit: Marvel Comics

BLADE TEAMS UP WITH THE HULK TO TAME THE ANGER WITHIN! In preparation to face the Adana once more, Blade must confront the monster he is afraid he is…and who knows better what it’s like to live with a monstrous version of yourself than Bruce Banner?

Blade. Eric Masters. The Daywalker. Marvel’s premiere vampire-hunting badass has been put through the ringer in his new comic book. The primary thrust of this storyline is Blade’s fight against Adana, an ancient deity of darkness who plans to unleash monstrous evil across the globe. Blade’s first fight against this new demon did not go well, leaving him searching for a new way to gain the upper hand.

Blade #6 saw Blade team up with Dracula, one of his oldest enemies, to improve as a warrior. Blade is an impressive combatant, but his dual nature (half-man, half-vampire) may be holding him back. To defeat Adana, Blade believes that he needs to weaponize the evil rage within. And who knows more about that task than the Incredible Hulk? In Blade #7, these complicated heroes will be united in an explosive team-up.

Captain Marvel #4

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Credit: Marvel Comics

BLAST-HER INTO THE NEGATIVE ZONE! Determined to free both herself and the morally ambiguous Yuna from the permanent bond of the Nega-Bands, Captain Marvel brings the fight home to the Negative Zone! Buried deep somewhere inside this topsy-turvy world is the key to breaking the bond, but nothing in the Zone comes free. And when Carol ends up on Blastaar’s doorstep, the disgraced king gets a perfect shot at revenge.

In Captain Marvel, the illustrations from Jan Bazaldua and Ruairi Coleman are crisp works of art. The colors by Bryan Valenza are eye-popping and vibrant. Their team effort gives Captain Marvel’s new costume life in amazing locales such as the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Negative Zone. Writer Alyssa Wong is guiding this delightful, zany Carol Danvers story to new heights.

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A black-market magical artifacts dealer/college student named Yuna Yang gets tangled up in Captain Marvel’s mess. Yuna is easily one of the most engaging supporting characters in the Marvel Universe right now, and her presence elevates this book. Yang and Danvers are cosmically connected through magic bracelets called the Nega-Bands, a connection that Danvers hopes to break in Captain Marvel #4. But in order to sever their bond, Cap will have to defeat Blastaar, the “Living Bomb Burst”.

Miguel O’hara – Spider-Man: 2099 #2

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Credit: Marvel Comics

BEWARE – THE LUNAR TOMB OF DRACULA! DRACULA returns! The moon is under attack, and SPIDER-MAN must team up with MOON KNIGHT 2099 to save it! Our celestial web-slinger is going to need some new armor to get through it all!

Spider-Man: 2099 is one of the most popular Spider-Man variants, now more than ever thanks to the success of Across The Spider-Verse. Miguel O’hara is a layered individual, similar in many ways to Peter Parker without feeling like a carbon copy. Miguel is more violent and vengeful than his predecessor, but he is equally concerned with justice. When a zombie plague strikes the most down-trodden citizens of Nueva York in Miguel O’hara – Spider-Man: 2099 #1, our hero takes the infection out at the source.

This run is a 5-issue miniseries that features new 2099 versions of classic Marvel monster characters. First he fought the Zombie 2099. In the second issue, Miguel will team up with Moon Knight 2099 in a battle against Dracula. The final three issues will see Spider-Man 2099 face off against Man-Thing 2099, Werewolf By 2099, and the Terror Inc. of the future.

Sentry #2

Sentry, The Sentry, Marvel, Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

As more people begin manifesting Sentry’s powers, it’s all Misty Knight and Jessica Jones can do to keep track of the incidents, let alone discover any connections between them. Meanwhile, each new Sentry must reckon with their newfound abilities — and what this newfound power means for who they will become. Unfortunately, one of them isn’t a team player…

The new Sentry comic book series is an interesting experiment. The Sentry character is infamous among Marvel fans because of his incredible strength and notable acts of extreme violence. This is the “hero” who once tore Ares in half, something that Sentry #1 made sure to reference. But Bob Reynolds, the original Sentry, isn’t a character who many are extremely attached to or even very familiar with. So what would happen if Marvel published a Sentry comic book that didn’t actually feature Bob Reynolds at all?

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The hero died at the hands of Knull during the “King in Black” storyline, but somehow, his power has returned. Seemingly random individuals are manifesting powers of the Sentry, causing untold destruction. This cataclysm is being investigated by Jessica Jones and Misty Knight. These two heroes have a lot of heart, depth, and great chemistry, but they are ill-equipped to battle someone with the powers of Sentry physically. How will they unravel this mystery, and how many casualties will occur before they get there?

Thunderbolts #2

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THE REVOLUTION VS. THE KINGPIN! When Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine gets word that Kingpin will be overseeing the transfer of the Red Skull’s fortune at the notorious Hellfire Club, Bucky Barnes enlists the aid of his favorite masters of infiltration – a symbiote-equipped Black Widow and a dressed-to-impress Yelena Belova, the White Widow! But to rob the Red Skull of his ill-gotten gains, they’ll have to go through Wilson Fisk…and that didn’t go too well for Bucky last time…

The Thunderbolts and the Sentry are being relaunched in the Marvel Comics universe right now for the same reason – comic book to MCU synergy. With a Thunderbolts film (rumored to feature Sentry) in active development at Marvel studios, the time to reinvent them in the source material is now. Thunderbolts #1 was an engaging spy mission centered on taking out the Red Skull once and for all.

Thunderbolts #2 will explore the fallout of that choice as the Kingpin of Crime gets his hands on the fallen supervillain’s resources. While Sharon Carter, Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine, Bucky and Red Guardian made a great team in the first story, this lineup shows even more promise. How will Bucky get along with Yelena Belova AND Natasha Romanov in the field? How will Black Widow’s new symbiote affect her mission? And how will the Kingpin of Crime respond when he discovers the Thunderbolts are coming after him?

These are just a few thrilling questions that will be answered when the Marvel universe expands on Jan. 10, 2024. Blade will learn more about his inner demons, while Captain Marvel duels an explosive enemy. Jessica Jones and Misty Knight will peel back more layers of the Sentry mystery while Bucky Barnes leads the Thunderbolts into the depths of the Hellfire Club. And in the future, Spider-Man 2099 goes toe-to-toe with Dracula himself. Who would want to miss any of that?

Which upcoming Marvel Comics story are you most excited about? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading! We are always watching.



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