TRINITY SPECIAL #1 – Wonder Woman’s Daughter

Trinity, Wonder Woman, DC

Trinity is the daughter of Wonder Woman in the future, and she is starring in her own comic book very soon. Trinity Special #1 will be published on Jan. 30, 2024.

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Elizabeth “Lizzie” Marston Prince, AKA Trinity is a relatively new addition to the Wonder Woman franchise. Lizzie first appeared in Wonder Woman #800, which was released on June 20, 2023. She starred in a backup story that set the stage for the current ongoing Wonder Woman comic book by writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere.


Trinity, Elizabeth Prince, Wonder Woman, DC, DC Comics
Courtesy of DC Comics

“The Sovereign” is a new supervillain, imprisoned in a magic cave during the events of Wonder Woman #800. Trinity sought out The Sovereign for information about the past that her mother refused to share. The narration that takes place in the new Wonder Woman comic book is actually The Sovereign telling the story to Trinity in the future.

Elizabeth Marston Prince has only appeared in 4 issues so far. Trinity Special #1 will feature a new story, but it will not be a full-length tale. The upcoming issue will feature reprints of all of Trinity’s appearances so far. DC can print a comic with 5 different stories featuring Lizzie because all of her material so far consists of backup short stories in Wonder Woman books. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent are like Lizzie’s brothers, and they usually appear alongside her.


Trinity, Elizabeth Prince, Wonder Woman, DC, DC Comics
Courtesy of DC Comics

As the character most likely to succeed Diana Prince as Wonder Woman, Trinity is a really exciting new character. So it’s a bit disappointing that most of the content in her first solo book will be reprints. That being said, the stories being reprinted are fantastic and will surely complement the new story well. Lizzie has a bright future regardless of sales, but strong numbers on Trinity Special #1 would definitely help pave the way for an ongoing series someday.

New DC Comics solicitations for April revealed a fascinating tidbit about Trinity’s role in the DC Universe moving forward. The end of the synopsis for Wonder Woman #8 reads, “…Trinity visits the past and unexpectedly changes the future.”

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The Wonder Woman ongoing series is part of the primary DC Comics timeline and it is a story being told to Trinity in the future. Therefore, some speculate that the timeline Trinity is from is the destined future of the mainstream continuity,

This theory has yet to be confirmed and the future is a very malleable thing, but this description suggests Trinity is connected to the present in a big way. Trinity Special #1 arrives on Jan. 30, 2024, and Wonder Woman #8 goes on sale on April 16, 2024.

About Trinity Special #1

Trinity, Elizabeth Prince, Wonder Woman, DC, DC Comics
Courtesy of DC Comics

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Belen Ortega & Daniel Sampere
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez & Tomeu Morey

Synopsis: The first appearances of DC’s Breakout Character, Collected! Featuring a brand new story from the Wonder Woman team of Tom King and Daniel Sampere! Featuring DC’s brightest new star, Trinity! Discover Lizzie’s earliest adventures as she takes the world of heroes by storm! Reprinting the character’s first appearance alongside hilarious tales of the little Amazon and her Super Son babysitters, this special will be an instant classic for fans old and new. Plus, a brand-new story from the all-star creative team behind Wonder Woman will tease the future of Diana’s daughter!

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