Trini Action Figure Revealed, A New ShowRunner For Power Rangers & More: The Ranger Write-Up

At your one-stop shop for all things Power Rangers, The Illuminerdi breaks down everything that's affected the Ranger Nation in the last week.
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Lately the Power Rangers news has been non- stop. Ever since we broke the story of Ryusoulger being the next adapted Super Sentai the hits just kept coming. This column is going to be my corner to talk about all things Power Rangers each week. I’ll be sprinkling in some Super Sentai in Kamen Rider along the way also.

A New Era For Power Rangers

Power Rangers and Simon Bennett
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Let’s start with the big news first. Chip Lynn is out and Simon Bennett is in. Bennett directed various episodes of Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers, and he’s a former producer on the hit New Zealand show Shoreland Street. There’s a couple of things to unwrap here. Power Rangers is now fully under the Hasbro banner. The change in direction makes sense if the brand wants a fresh start. There’s also the possibility that Hasbro trusts Chip Lynn enough that they are giving him more responsibility to grow the brand. This would take him away from being an Executive Producer for the next season, but it may be a more important task to grow the brand as a whole and there’s no one better suited for that job.

From what I’m hearing, Chip Lynn will be an important part of the Power Rangers family and may help oversee the 2021 film along, not to mention the franchise as a whole. We’re not sure what his title is quite yet, so I’m still digging to find that out. As soon as I know more, you will too.

The official announcement for the title of the 2021 season of the show should be coming next month and I’m expecting Hasbro to make an announcement about Lynn as well. Many fans have been critical of Lynn for not catering to more adults that have stuck with the franchise for decades. While I agree that the storytelling doesn’t need to be dumbed down for kids, I do think Chip Lynn is the best choice to oversee Power Rangers.


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