Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank Speaks Out After Phoenix Comicon Gunman’s Sentencing

Jason David Frank expressed his feelings regarding the sentencing of Mathew Sterling, the man who tried to shoot him, in an interview with The Illuminerdi.
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Mathew Sterling, the man who intended to shoot Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank at Phoenix Comicon (now called Phoenix Fan Fusion) in 2017, has just been sentenced. After entering the convention armed with arsenal and intending to kill the venue’s special guest, the Maricopa County Superior Court has finally issued a verdict of over two decades in the Arizona State Hospital.

He was initially charged on several counts, including: attempted first-degree murder, attempted aggravated assault, aggravated assault of an officer, resisting arrest, misconduct with body armor, and carrying a weapon into a prohibited place. However, given Arizona state laws regarding the verdict of “guilty except insane,” his mental condition was found incapable of registering his acts as criminal. Because of this, he will be serving his 11-year sentence in the asylum until such a time as he’s found mentally component – at which point he’ll be transferred to state prison if he’s still a danger to society.


Jason David Frank Offers Forgiveness

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After undergoing such a stressful situation, which was thankfully prevented from becoming a tragedy thanks to the suspect’s friend quickly notifying the police of the intent, Jason David Frank naturally had thoughts on the outcome two years in the making. The Illuminerdi asked him to comment on the situation, and the actor was gracious enough to respond:

I think the sentence was fair. I really hope he gets the help he needs.

Frank previously went on the record about his hope that the would-be shooter eventually receives both mental health and jail time, and it seems that the last couple of years have not diminished his magnanimous nature.

I forgive him. It’s easy to hold a grudge; I don’t.

It’s a blessing that the actor is still with us today, and with the sentencing, we can hope that the events of 2017 won’t be repeated. Jason David Frank is currently thriving personally and professionally, and Power Rangers fans can expect to see him in the film Omni: A Fast Boat Fantasia as well as at this year’s Power Morphicon.


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