Free Tutorials From Pixar Animators On How To Draw Your Favorite Characters

Pixar animators have begun posting tutorial videos on Youtube that help guide fans on how to draw their favorite characters from Duke Caboom to Barley.
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Pixar may have just the cure for your quarantine blues.

People have been at home for weeks now and kids have been trying to finish the year being home schooled while parents are often working from home and trying to help. If you need a way to get away from streaming television or movies like you probably have been for weeks we may have found the answer. This is an activity that anyone can do and it’s great for Pixar fans of all ages. 

Draw With Pixar allows you to learn how to draw some of your favorite characters including Lightning McQueen, Barley Lightfoot, and Duke Caboom. The videos have been posted on Pixar’s Youtube page, and hopefully more lesson are yet to come. The actual technical drawing isn’t overly difficult. This makes it possible for beginners to follow along with these skilled animators. The animators also encourage artists to post their drawings on social media using the hashtag #DrawWithPixar.

Pixar Lessons To Choose From

First, we have Onward Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann teaching us to draw Barley Lightfoot from the most recent Pixar release Onward. Barley is the fun loving older brother who is obsessed with history and Magic. His love of the past is most clear in his love for the roleplaying game Quests of Yore (based on Dungeons & Dragons).

Barley helps his younger brother Ian on a quest when a spell to bring their deceased father back for 24 hours goes wrong and only his bottom half appears. The brothers race to try and complete the spell so Ian can finally meet their father and Barley can add a new happy memory of time with his father to his very small collection.

How to draw Barley Lightfoot from Onward:

Next, animator Emilie Goulet teaches us how to draw Canada’s greatest daredevil stuntman Duke Caboom. Duke Caboom made his debut in the fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise. Toy Story has spawned one of Pixar’s most beloved and successful franchises as well as the first Pixar feature film. Caboom was voiced by the beloved Keanu Reeves.

Caboom was introduced as a friend of Bo Peep who was featured in the first two Toy Story films, but had been given away before Toy Story 3. She returned in Toy Story 4 and with her came some unexpected and hilarious new faces including Duke Caboom. Caboom was clearly meant to be a knock off of Evel Knievel an American daredevil from the 70s.

Caboom appears cocky and full of swagger at first when he shows off his stunt poses with his stunt-cycle. However, he has some issues with confidence and became frozen in fear whenever he was about to perform a stunt. 

How to draw Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4:

Finally, we have Story Supervisor Scott Morse teaching us to draw the ever-popular Lightning McQueen who helped launch the Cars franchise. Pixar’s Cars has spawned not only two sequels, but an animated series and spinoff films Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue. We first meet the racecar in the first Cars film when he is a young cocky racer who gets stranded in small town Radiaor Springs.

Radiator Springs is right off the once busy Route 66, but is now dying from lack of tourist traffic. McQueen initially destroy the main road into town by accident and must fix it to repay his debt and get back his life as a racer. While in town, he falls for one of the residents and finds a coach who teaches him how to be a truly good and honorable race car.

McQueen stars in Cars 2 along with his friend Mater from Radiator Springs while they travel overseas for the World Grand Prix, but quickly get swept up into hijinks involving international espionage…on accident, of course. In Cars 3 the now-seasoned racer Lightning McQueen has to try and find a way to defeat the new generation of high-tech race cars. 

How to draw Lightning McQueen from Cars:

This is a fun activity for any Pixar fan to try and for parents who want to find another way to entertain their children with Pixar characters they already love. Draw With Pixar is Part of Disney’s series of Disney Magic Moments which includes a number of entertainment options for Disney fans to try while at home. 

Disney also released Frozen II and Onward onto their streaming platform Disney+ early. Artemis Fowl will be released on Disney+ skipping the theatrical window completely. Disney Magic Moments also includes the series of animated short At Home With Olaf which has been done completely remotely. Another Disney Magic Moment series is Storytime With… where celebrities reading Disney children’s stories including Daisy Ridley reading a BB-8 children’s book. There are a number of other fun activities for families to do together while at home.

Which Pixar characters do you want to learn how to draw? Will this help add a little Pixar and Disney Magic into your quarantine? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media.


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