Tron 3: Jared Leto Accidentally Revealed Secret Title For Sci-Fi Sequel

Jared Leto confirmed the news of Tron 3, but accidentally revealed the secret title...
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Disney is now officially developing a third Tron film with a new director attached to the project which stars Jared Leto. Leto himself confirmed the news through social media but accidentally revealed the title of Tron 3.

Even though the original Tron (1982) was a groundbreaking film at that time, the film wasn’t a massive success. However, it gained a cult following over the years. In 2010, Disney decided to revive the property with a sequel, Tron: Legacy. The film mostly got a positive response from audiences, along with a decent box-office return. Since then, the studio has seemingly wanted to make a third film but couldn’t come up with a follow-up plan.

In 2017, Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) became attached to the project, with reports emerging that he would play a new character named Ares in a reboot. But the development was slow and not much is heard since then. Earlier this year Legacy director Joseph Kosinski said the long-delayed TRON 3 could still happen. The Illuminerdi reported last month that Disney is moving forward to make Tron 3 and now the wishes of long-awaiting Tron fans have officially become real.

After a decade the world of the grid will finally return as reported by Deadline, Disney is moving forward with Tron 3 and Garth Davis the director of Oscar-nominated movie Lion, is now attached to direct it. Looks like Leto’s long-in-development film is finally being shaped, and he will also produce alongside Justin Springer (Oblivion) and Emma Ludbrook.

Disney’s First Step To Making Tron 3

Tron Legacy Garrett Hedlund Olivia Wilde Tron 3?

This is the first official step Disney has taken after a long time. While Tron 3 isn’t totally a go just yet, it is promising that Disney has tapped a director. This will mark Davis’s first blockbuster project, which makes him an interesting choice on Disney’s part. It remains to be seen whether the cast of Legacy will be invited back for Tron 3, or if Leto is still playing the previously reported character, Ares.

Currently, everything is in initial stages, so fans shouldn’t expect to actually see Tron 3 for some time. Disney will likely be evaluating the script and Davis’ approach before giving it an official greenlight. Nevertheless, fans will likely be thrilled with the news, as it’s the first sign of a solid movement to arrive in many years.


The most recent draft of the script has been written by Jesse Wigutow. However, it is to be noted that the project is still technically in the development stages, so Wigutow’s script could potentially be of the canceled previous third Tron film, Tron: Ascension, or a completely new story. One thing is sure about the new film is the visuals and sound effects will be just as good or even more than Tron: Legacy.

Jared Leto Tweeted and Deleted The Secret Tron 3 Title

Now, the Oscar-winning actor Leto himself has shared the news on Instagram that he will be starring in the franchise’s newest chapter. Leto confirmed his involvement and expressed his excitement about being a part of the franchise. He made it clear that he’s been a fan of the franchise since he was a child, while also revealing that the people involved with Tron 3 have many new surprises planned for the next film in the series.

His enthusiasm appears to have gotten the better of him, and in a new Tweet via his official account, that has since been deleted, Leto referred to the sequel as “TRON: ARES”. Not long after announcing this, Leto quickly deleted the tweet and posted the one similar to his Instagram post by only referring it as Tron and not Tron: Ares.

The blunder seemed to be interpreted seriously enough that we can safely assume that the official title of Tron 3, or at least its working title, is Tron: Ares. After all, Leto’s character is supposed to be Ares and he is the lead so it makes sense if the title is named after him.


According to some reports, the film is expected to be more of a Tron sequel, rather than a reboot as previously expected to be the case. Meanwhile, there’s a chance that some or all of the cast from Legacy could return. Most of the franchise fans strongly want to see the return of Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Jeff Bridges’ characters. Right now, it is still unknown whether the new film is a reboot or a continuation.

Leto’s original deleted Tweet can be read in full below:

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