New Featurette For Werewolf By Night Teases MCU’s Supernatural Future

Marvel releases a brand new behind-the-scenes featurette for Werewolf by Night, teasing its spookiness and the supernatural side of the MCU's future.

Marvel releases a brand new behind-the-scenes featurette for Werewolf by Night. The footage teases the level of spookiness it contains and the supernatural side of the MCU’s future.

The first Marvel Studios special, Werewolf by Night, will explore a brand new corner in the MCU. Marvel has been taking risks and expanding its style of projects in Phase four, and this Halloween special is an excellent example of that. Disney+ series WandaVision and Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film have already delved a little bit into the supernatural side, but Werewolf by Night is trying to bring the spooky side of the Marvel comics into the spotlight.


The hour-long horror-themed project is directed and composed by Michael Giacchino and stars Laura Donnelly and Gael García Bernal. Even though this is different and feels standalone compared to the previous MCU projects, it is not a one-off project. The characters introduced in this Disney+ film will have a tangible future in the franchise.

The Long Road To Werewolf by Night

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Rumors of this Disney+ Halloween special first came out a year ago, but it has only been confirmed in recent months. Fans were intrigued by the idea of a horror special from the start. But the excitement had boosted tremendously after the big reveal with the black-and-white trailer at the D23 Expo a few weeks ago.

Now a new featurette of the Halloween special has been released by IGN. The clip shows BTS footage and the creators talking about the horror aesthetics, how this project is a love letter to old horror classics, and the potentiality of the new characters. Some new shots in the film are also revealed in this featurette.

In the video, the cast and crew of Werewolf by Night have talked about how exciting the project is and how it’ll impact the MCU. As per Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, this new world will ultimately become crucial to the franchise’s future. He said, “We wanted to explore entirely new characters and entirely new sides of the MCU with this unusual, fun, and frightening spin on the supernatural…we’re introducing a world that will ultimately become quite important to the future of the MCU.

Director Michael Giacchino stated how the project is a giant mash-up of older monster flicks, “Werewolf by Night is just a giant mash-up love letter to all these old movies that I absolutely loved and lived on growing up… some of the scariest things I saw as a kid were just the shadows of things. All the awful things you hear. For us, that was the goal.

Laura Donnelly, the Elsa Bloodstone actress, made it clear that Werewolf by Night is something that we’ve never seen in the MCU before, “It’s something brand new that we’ve never seen in this universe [MCU] before… the scale and imagination of this project is wonderful.

Giacchino said that the part of what makes monster movies so unique is how they make for great allegories for those who feel different from everyone, “I love monster movies because they’re such allegories for feeling different from everyone else.

Executive producer Brian Gay added, “With Michael Giacchino directing and composing, we get to lean into the style of the monster movies of the 1930s… it’s time to put something different out into the world. It’s going to be so cool.

With Werewolf, BladeMan-Thing, Witchcraft, Vampires, and Zombies in the MCU, we can expect plenty more supernatural stories in the future. Marvel should make Halloween-themed specials an annual habit and explore all the monster characters in the Marvel comics. We will have to wait and see how everything pans out.

Werewolf by Night releases on Disney+ on October 7, 2022.

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Source: The Direct