Critical Role’s Critter Hug Returns With A New Social Distancing Format August 25

A beloved Critical Role segment called Critter Hug returns with a new episode in a new remote format on August 25

Critical Role’s new show, Critter Hug, was initially released on May 4 with an episode that had been pre-recorded in studio before the pandemic that forced Critical Role to halt all in studio productions. Critter Hug which is co-hosted by Critical Role Dungeon Master Matt Mercer and Mica Burton was initially planned to release new episodes monthly, but instead has been on hiatus for months. Mica Burton who co-hosts Critter Hug was a guest during the current campaign of Critical Role for three episodes. She also appeared on the Critical Role after show Talks Machina with hilarious results.

The official description of Critter Hug is:

Join Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton for Critter Hug as they shine a spotlight on awesome projects, creators, and businesses in the tabletop gaming industry. You may just find a new indie game to try out, learn to DIY some miniature terrain, or start up your bucket list of local game stores to check out on that grand gaming-themed road trip you have planned!


Critical Role returned July 2 with new episodes filmed in studio using social distancing measures to keep the cast and crew safe, but all other shows shot in studio are still on hiatus. This has meant that Critter Hug hasn’t released a new episode, after its premiere on May 4, for almost four months. Now a new episode of Critter Hug will stream on August 25, but in a new format. Instead of being in the studio co-hosts Matt Mercer and Mica Burton will be filming remotely from their homes similar to how Narrative Telephone and AWNP: Unplugged were filmed.



For the current times, Critter Hug will be a long-form conversational show streaming on Twitch. We don’t have a set release schedule at the moment, but we’re excited to spread love as often as we’re able. The show is recorded with hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton bantering safely from their homes through the wonders of the internet. As Matt and Mica spotlight projects and businesses, they may be joined by the creators themselves for special interviews, so you can get to know some of the faces and personalities fueling our wonderful community!

The second episode of Critter Hug will focus on featuring Black creators, designer, and businesses in the table top role-playing game community. Critter Hug premiered on May 4 with the first episode Critter Hug: Laser Drag Battles!, hosts Matt Mercer and Mica Burton talked about the Queens of Adventures podcast, Laser Kittens collaborative storytelling game, Hollaback Nerds Critical Role rap battles, and Pheonix, AZ local game store Funkatronic Rex Games & More. Critical Role worked with long time Critter Critical Bard who created the theme song for Critter Hug.


Critical Role has grown from a group of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons, into a massive internet phenomenon. Critical Role has grown from a live-stream D&D game between friends into a production company that has managed to expanded its content to include new shows like Critter Hug, Talks Machina, Between The Sheets, and more.

Critical Role has expanded to include live show, comic books, Funko Pop!s, and an upcoming animated series. The Legends of Vox Machina animate series will be two 12 episode seasons on Amazon Prime Video and there is currently no release date with delays caused by the pandemic.

The second episode of Critter Hug will air on August 25 at 4pm PST on and will be available on the Critical Role YouTube channel August 27. New episodes of Critical Role air every Thursday at 7pm PST on and they are available on the Critical Role YouTube channel the following Monday.

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