Black Adam: Shedding New Light On Amon Tomaz’s Mysterious Role in The Film: Exclusive

In a leaked scene from the upcoming Black Adam film, it was revealed that Adrianna Tomaz has a son named Aziz in the script. Could this mysterious character actually be the DCEU's adaptation of Osiris?

In a leaked scene from the upcoming Black Adam film, it was revealed that Adrianna Tomaz had a son named Aziz in the script. The mysterious character had no comic book counterpart, though he shared a few distinct similarities with, Osiris, a DC character whose role in the film was recently announced by Daniel Richtman through his Patreon.

Black Adam is an upcoming DCEU film currently set to release on December 22, 2021. In addition to the titular anti-hero, the film will feature the DC Comics’ heroes Isis, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone. Of that group, the character most closely tied to Teth-Adam is Isis. The alter-ego of Adrianna Tomaz, Isis is Black Adam’s wife and matriarch of the Black Marvel Family. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Black Marvel family, you’re not alone. While their design was striking and their impact long-lasting, they were never the most popular with the fans. DC fans are much more fond of (and familiar with) the more traditional Marvel family, or as it is now known, the Shazam family. 


The most iconic members of the Shazam family are Billy Batson/Shazam, Mary Bromfield/Lady Shazam, Freddy Freeman/Shazam Jr. and Tawky Tawny, a kind, gentlemanly humanoid tiger. In the DCEU, Shazam, Lady Shazam, and Shazam Jr. are joined by Pedro, Eugene and Darla (The rest of Billy’s foster siblings) as members of the Shazam family,  while Tawny is nowhere to be found outside of easter eggs.

Similarly to how the Shazam family was updated for the DCEU, we expect that the Black Marvel family will undergo a similar change. In the source material, the Black Marvel family consisted of Black Adam (Teth-Adam), Isis (Adrianna Tomaz), her teenage brother Osiris (Amon Tomaz) and his best friend, a timid anthropomorphic crocodile named Sobek.

More Than Mere Coincidence

At first, Aziz Tomaz, son of Adrianna Tomaz/Isis, appeared to be a brand new character created for Black Adam, though I had a hunch that he might become the DCEU version of Osiris. While Aziz’ exact age was unknown, he seemed to be a young boy, possibly preteen. While that makes him a few years younger than Amon, it’s safe to say that WB wants to make a franchise out of The Rock’s film. While he may not match Amon’s age in Black Adam, he would in Black Adam 2 or Black Adam 3, should those sequels receive the green light.

Protege of Black Adam

Aziz exhibited some of the same personality traits as Osiris in his later appearances. He was emotional, naive and quick to anger. These character flaws served to humanize Amon in the source material, but they also proved to be his undoing on more than one occasion. On top of that, Black Adam seemed interested in teaching Aziz the ways of combat and violence.

Osiris -Amon Tomaz - Aziz?

In the comics, Amon becomes Osiris after Black Adam lends him his power (although he also wielded Isis’ powers for a time), and their costumes even matched. Through analysis of casting information available to The Illuminerdi, we can confirm that these similarities were no mere coincidence.

Warner Brothers is currently searching for a twelve year old male to play “Amon”. The character is Adrianna’s son, and will be kidnapped by the villainous “Ishmael”. This confirms that Aziz is really Amon. The “Aziz” name may have been a placeholder in the script, or rewrites may have changed Aziz into Amon.

Additionally, this suggests that Amon will become Osiris eventually. In the weekly series “52”, Amon was kidnapped and tortured so badly that he lost the ability to walk. He would regain full mobility after receiving Black Adam’s power and becoming Osiris. Considering that three of four members of the Black Marvel family have been confirmed, one has to imagine that Sobek might not be far behind.


FullCircleCinema’s coverage of the Daniel Richtman Patreon story seemed to indicate that Osiris would be Isis’ brother in the film, as he is in the source material. While Amon Tomaz will appear in the film (barring serious rewrites), we can exclusively confirm that in Black Adam,  Amon will be Isis’ son, as opposed to her brother. Additionally, while it seems extremely likely that Amon will become Osiris in this film, therefore confirming Richtman’s report, I have not personally seen any behind the scenes information that guarantees his evolution from civilian into superhero.

Isis Adrianna

All that I can confirm is that Ishmael will kidnap Amon Tomaz. In my opinion, that would suggest that Amon will be beaten and crippled by the villain, who Richtman reportedly describes as “the dictator of Kahndaq”. And if you have a crippled Amon Tomaz, as well as Isis and Black Adam, I would bet good money that you have an Osiris origin story. In the unlikely event that he does not take on the Osiris identity in this movie, the transformation is all but guaranteed in a sequel, when he will be closer in age to the comic book version of Amon Tomaz. 

More information regarding Isis/Adrianna Tomaz was revealed in the aforementioned report from Richtman. Apparently, the villain of the film (Ishmael/Sabbac, descendant of a murdered pharaoh and reportedly the dictator of Kahndaq) will be hunting for Isis, who stole a powerful artifact, presumably the crown of Sabbac, from him.

Combine this with Deadline’s recent revelation that Isis would play “an university professor and freedom fighter leading the resistance in Kahndaq”, and we can begin to form a more complete idea of exactly what role the DCEU’s Adrianna Tomaz will play. Hopefully a fantastic child actor is cast opposite Sarah Shahi, but regardless of who is ultimately cast, I cannot wait to see Isis and Osiris on the big screen. 

Black Adam Title Doctor Fate Osiris

Are you excited to see the DCEU’s version of Osiris? Who would you like to see portray the character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media!



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