The Mandalorian Chapter 13 “The Siege” Review: Similar Thrills, But Story Kicking Into Lightspeed

This week's The Mandalorian episode "The Siege" is more of the usual "I'll Help You; If You Help Me" quests and adventures, with great action sequences directed by co-star Carl Weathers.

This week’s The Mandalorian episode “The Siege” is more of the usual “I’ll Help You; If You Help Me” quests and adventures, with great action sequences directed by co-star Carl Weathers. However, the story progression here was the series’ strongest effort so far, providing real answers to the machinations of Moff Gideon and his Imperial forces.

The Mandalorian Returns to Navarro

Din and the Child’s ongoing troubles with the Razor Crest bring them back to Navarro for some trustworthy maintenance and to check in with old friends Greef Carga (Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano). Magistrate Carga and Marshal Dune have made good on their promise of bringing the planet back around. The town is abundant with civilian life and the scars of battles past have been swept away and replaced instead with fauna and statues; even one that commemorates IG-11 and his sacrifice in the Season One finale.


Weather’s episode is definitely an ode to old-time action adventures. The siege of the Imperial base and transport chase with the Scout troopers is very reminiscent of the Star Wars original trilogy, which in turn were influenced by classic Westerns and thrillers of the past. Not only does the episode of The Mandalorian bring good action, there are key character moments that Weather also deftly encapsulates.

The Mandalorian Speeder Bikes "The Siege"
“The Siege” offered one of the best chase sequences of the entire series

Force Clones?

We learn in this episode that Gideon’s Imperial remnant utilized samples of The Child’s blood (his Midichlorian count is referenced – likely to both the joy and chagrin of some fans) prior to his rescue from Mando. We see their attempts to cultivate some kind of Snoke-like organisms (the music in the scene suggests as much, but we are not entirely sure).


At the episode’s conclusion, we see Gideon overseeing a room full of apparent Dark Troopers. Is the Moff attempting to amass a legion of Force sensitive soldiers? Was Gideon apart of the early phases of The Emperor’s resurrection and Snoke’s creation? Perhaps more will be revealed in due time…

Classic Star Wars Comedy

Baby Yoda The Child The Mandalorian
Thanks to The Mandalorian S2 E4 “The Siege,” macaron cookies are Star Wars canon now!

“The Siege” is a very funny episode, but it is appropriately Star Wars humor. The references of a lack of handrails and Mando dispatching storm troopers while the rest of the team struggled slicing into the front door of the Imperial base, was both a funny homage to Star Wars moments past, but also perfectly fit within the moment. The Child’s antics in the school are some of his best work.

Overall, this episode might not deliver the wows of a krayt dragon or Bo-Katan in action, but it delivered both happy balance of plot and action some fans have been clamoring for. While the formula of, Mando going on a mission to receive the help he needs maybe growing tiresome to some viewers, I expect things are about to be shaken up. All of the promotional footage for The Mandalorian S2 was from these first four episodes. We are now in uncharted territory. I expect some big surprises in the coming weeks and I believe the revelations of Gideon’s schemes from “The Siege” are just the tip of the iceberg.

What did you guys think of this episode of The Mandalorian? What were those organisms in the Imperial base on Navarro? Were those Dark Troopers on Gideon’s destroyer? Are you excited for Mando and The Child to meet Ahsoka Tano next week? Let us know in the comments below!



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