Max Cloud’s Scott Adkins Reveals One Hilarious Change He Would Have Made To Deadpool 2: Exclusive

Max Cloud's Scott Adkins explains his regrets and what he would have done different in his roles as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Lucian in Doctor Strange.
Scott Adkins Max Cloud Deadpool

Action legend and star of Max Cloud, Scott Adkins, explains his regrets and what he would have done different in his roles as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Lucian in Doctor Strange.

Get ready to take a trip directly into your old-school video game console with director Martin Owen’s love letter to 16-bit gaming, Max Cloud. The film follows Sarah, a teenager in 1990 who is obsessed with playing video games. After an intense dispute with her father, she is magically transported inside the world of her Max Cloud video game. Her friend in the real world, Cowboy, must play her character and help the legendary hero Max Cloud destroy an evil alien empire, while finding Sarah a way out of the game.

Iconic actor and martial artist, Scott Adkins, stars in the titular role as Max Cloud. Adkins tongue-in-cheek performance as a living video game action star is by far the biggest draw in a movie where anything is truly possible.

Scott Adkins’ One Wish While Playing Deadpool

The legendary action star recently took the time to sit down with The Illuminerdi to talk about his new film, Max Cloud. When asked about how this role compares with his other larger than life role, as Deadpool in Wolverine: X-Men Origins, Scott Adkins explained his disappointment after being cast:

“Well me and Ryan [Reynolds] never really interacted on set…When I got the role and went down I was excited. I was fully expecting to see the entire Deadpool costume and all that. When they brought me in and I saw the concept art of the mouth sewn shut and the laser eyes and the claws that pop out…I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work.’ (Laughs)”

Scott Adkins is known as one of the top martial artists in the film industry. While his face was covered in the film, he indeed suited up as Weapon XI, aka Deadpool, in the movie. Essentially, Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson and Adkins played the character in his final form in the last act of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Deadpool 2 Scott Adkins Wish

After explaining that while they look similar, the two actors only know each other in passing. He then revealed his his one shocking wish for the franchise:

“I wish Ryan [Reynolds] would have called me up for Deadpool 2… You know that bit at the end where he goes back [to X-Men Origins: Wolverine]…He could have killed me in the end. After all it was my fault. (Laughs)”

Scott Adkins’ good nature and humility shines through with this comment. The mischaracterization of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was far from his fault and his action-packed faceoff (laser beam eyes and claws aside) with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is still remembered to this day. There is a studio, director, writer, and an entire production staff who were at fault long before Adkins walked on to the set.

Scott Adkins on Doctor Strange and His Future in the MCU

Scott Adkins Lucian Doctor Strange

However, X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t Scott Adkins last brush with the greater Marvel universe. He also starred in 2016’s Doctor Strange as Lucian, a zealot of the supervillain Dormammu. While scoring a role in the MCU is the dream of many actors, including professed superhero and Spider-Man fan Scott Adkins, he does have regrets with Doctor Strange:

“That is one role that I regret taking…I wish I would have held out and not taken the role, because now I feel I’ve blown my chance to be in the Marvel universe.”

Traditionally that thinking holds true, however we are now living in the age of the multiverse. Additionally, other actors have taken multiple roles in the MCU, such as Gemma Chan with both the Captain Marvel and Eternals franchises. Lucian was also heavily covered in makeup, so the possibilities are truly open for the Scott Adkins, despite his pessimism on his future in the MCU.


Regardless, Scott Adkins is a true cinematic action hero and perfectly suited for his latest starring role in Max Cloud. The film showcases his legendary martial arts skills, while also letting him rip one-liners, with his mouth wide open. Marvel, science-fiction, and video game fans, should all have a blast watching him bring his latest character to life.

Max Cloud Full Official Synopsis

Max Cloud Scott Adkins

1990. Brooklyn. Teenager Sarah loves playing video games with her best friend Cowboy. One evening after an argument with her father Tony, Sarah finds herself magically propelled into her favorite game, The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud.

Embodying the useless character of Jake (the chef), Sarah finds herself immersed in Max Cloud’s world and smack-bang in the middle of a galactic crisis. The ship has crash-landed on the planet of Heinous, a prison for the galaxy’s most evil and dangerous criminals and ruled by the utterly bizarre Revengor and the evil sorceress Shee.

With no pause and only one life, (and sub-average gamer) Cowboy must control Sarah through a wacky, zany adventure as they help Max and his team face Revengor, Shee, and an army of space ninjas in order to escape the planet before the two suns burn them to a crisp! Expect nostalgia and be ready for action, but nothing can truly prepare you for MAX CLOUD.

Control  yourself…Scott Adkins’ retro gamer action flick Max Cloud will be available on digital platforms on December 18!

What do you think of Scott Adkins’ thoughts on Deadpool and Doctor Strange? Do you think he blew his chance in the MCU or should Kevin Feige find a new role for the action legend? Are you excited to check out Max Cloud? Let us know in the comment section below or let’s kick around theories over on Twitter!



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