Tales of the Jedi Potentially Unveiled By Company Christmas Gift

The studio behind 'Monsters at Work' might be working on a, not yet announced, Star Wars project, "Tales of the Jedi"
Monsters at Work ICON Creative Studios Tales of the Jedi

A recent picture of an employee gift made the rounds, and it shows an unannounced Star Wars project titled Tales of the Jedi.

Because of said picture, fans might have figured out who is working on the project. The image below, posted by Reddit user danisyoda shows the gift given with the title logos for a number of Star Wars and Lucasfilm projects. The fact that Tales of the Jedi is on this gift with all of the other confirmed and known about projects it was gives this rumor some weight.

Tales of the Jedi

In addition to the image, Reddit user CommanderVisor has noticed that ICON Creative Studios is employing people for an unannounced animated project. The studio is well-known for its animated projects targeted at a younger audience, which includes The RocketeerElena of Avaltor, and more. They’ve also worked on Disney+’s recent Monsters Inc. sequel series, Monsters at Work.

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Please take this info with a grain of salt, as there is no official information regarding the project.

ICON Creative Studios Job Posting Potentially for Tales of the Jedi

Tales of the Jedi

There isn’t more information about the project, but if we take a look at the “possible” title, Tales of the Jedi it might be justified to think that the series might be comparable to Star Wars: Visions, where every episode could tell a new tale. This could mean ICON Creative Studios is one of many working on the rumored unannounced series.

Monsters at Work is rumored to be getting a second season. One of the series voice talents let the information slip in a now-deleted tweet, so if that’s the case ICON Creative Studios might be working on two projects at the same time. This job posting could signify the studio’s growth, or it could be just some extra hands for a project.

There is a series of books called Tales of the Jedi, so it would not be like this idea is from nowhere. It would mean there is rich source material, which tends to be good news for a new series. However, we just have conjecture based on some Reddit posts and random knowledge of old books so we can’t confirm. But it does appear that there is a disturbance in the force.

Do you think Tales of the Jedi is real? What could this secret Star Wars project be about? Who is the greatest Jedi? Let’s discuss everything in the comments down below and on our Twitter.

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