Marvel’s Eternals: Could Ikaris Be The MCU Hyperion?

Eternals may have appeared to be a one-and-done story for Ikaris, but what else might the MCU have in store for him?
eternals - ikaris and hyperion

However one may feel about Eternals, the film has certainly served as a jumping off point for much of the MCU’s future. And Ikaris, the glorious antihero – or is it anti-villain? – may hold the key to one particularly bright part of said future.

There is something to be said when it comes to types and shadows within comics: sometimes they can be so close and familiar that they seem connected even when they’re from different companies. For example, Marvel comics has two almost Superman-like contemporaries, in terms of being super-powerful aliens sent to Earth with the abilities of laser eyes, flight, and super-strength.


If you didn’t know, we’re speaking of the two morally grey Eternals from alternate earths being each others “variant,” if you will. With Eternals just being released for streaming on Disney+, many people already know about one of the two we’re looking to discuss. That would be our new resident genesis origin hero of the MCU, Ikaris.


eternals - ikaris

Ikaris is an Eternal with powers and abilities which include:

  • Cosmic energy transmutation
  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability
  • Regeneration
  • Flight
  • Heat vision
  • Psionic abilities
  • Teleportation

He’s very similar to a certain Eternal from an alternate earth. Let me say this part very clearly. 

Hyperion, from the Squadron Supreme, is the last Eternal from Earth-712. The current Hyperion from Jonathan Hickman’s 2012 Avengers series is also the last surviving Eternal from his alternate Earth. His abilities include:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability
  • Flight
  • Enhanced sensory perceptions
  • Heat vision
  • Extended longevity
  • Regeneration via cosmic energy absorption

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, like Ikaris’ fate in the film or his actions and choices, but I will say that his temperament, attitude, skill set,and abilities are very similar to Hyperion’s. Marvel has conflated characters before, so why not now? It would be cool, and it’s certainly something that could happen.

Imagine if you will that, instead of the Squadron Supreme being his team, we just allow Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (AKA Madame Hydra) to build her own Dark Avengers team. Or Thunderbolts or her own version of Squadron Supreme, or what have you. Couldn’t one of her recruits be Ikaris?

Besides the powers they have some characteristics that bounce between the two. Here are three examples:

1.) Being relatively well-meaning but falling into the moral grey at times:

Ikaris is meant to be the most loyal to his people and the Celestials, so I could see that translating into him having some more shady moments in the belief that it’s for the greater good for his kind. He would obviously choose them over humanity, much like Hyperion when he explained his reasoning for joining the Squadron Supreme.

2.) The bromance with Thor:

One of the big parts of Hyperion’s story is his friendship with Thor, and I could see that aspect being given to Ikaris. Madden’s Ikaris already seems like he’d fit well paired up with Hemsworth’s Thor. Just two space bros, one who adores humanity and another who’s seemingly more distant from it. In a strange way, I can see the two getting along.

Again, this is much like Hyperion and the brotherhood connection he has established with Thor. The two powerhouses proved to be surprisingly compatible, with Thor’s boisterous charms breaking through Hyperion’s exterior, while Hyperion offered sage advice and noble empathy that Thor could very much use. The two were able to bond and open up to one another as gods amongst men in a way no one else understood.

3.) Being super uncertain about themselves:

A lot of Hyperion’s characteristics can be defined by a level of uncertainty in their actions, confusion as to if they’re doing the right thing and a desire to help. All of this ends up leading to a lot of mistakes and questionable actions.

I can see Ikaris being in the same position, doubting himself as leader and questioning his devotion to the Celestials and Eternals, or to humanity and its continued existence.

Then again, all this is speculation and theory. As I always say:  “Don’t let your speculations dictate your expectations because they’ll only lead to disappointment.” What do you think about this off-the-wall-theory? Will we see Ikaris again after Eternals? Could we see Hyperion in the MCU? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.



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