Batwoman Season 3 Episode 9 “Meet Your Maker” Review: Ivy Is An Evil Threat To Be Reckoned With

Batwoman Season 3, Episode 9 was a mixed bag that further established the threat of Poison Ivy, while slowly building out Joker and Ryan’s personal stories. 

Batwoman Season 3, Episode 9 was a mixed bag that further established the threat of Poison Ivy, while slowly building out Joker and Ryan’s personal stories. 

Batwoman is unique among CW superhero shows in that the title hero is a new character created for the show. That is, Ryan Wilder is a new character. The Batwoman mantle existed before Ryan, most famously worn by Kate Kane. Kate starred in the first season and was played by Ruby Rose, who exited the series after that. 


Could an Arrowverse show succeed with this unlikely new hero as a brand new Dark Knight? I wondered from afar, before discovering that not only would Wilder succeed as Batwoman, she would thrive. Ryan is a queer hero with a heart of gold and a challenging past, a hero who wants to protect her friends and Gotham at all costs. Wilder is now, in my opinion, a worthy successor to the Bat-mantle. 

Batwoman Finally Brought Poison Ivy & Poison Mary Together

Mad As A Hatter - Batwoman

Now, that’s not to say that Batwoman succeeds in her fight against guest-star Bridget Regan’s Poison Ivy this week. Ivy has returned from a lifeless prison after a ten-year absence, and she’s ready to murder in the name of mother nature all over again. Her powers over plant life are displayed in Meet Your Maker through green contact lens mind-control and large, murderous vines tearing through the forests of Gotham. 

Batwoman, Luke Fox and Sophie Moore are unable to defeat Ivy with their limited resources. Episode 9 is about establishing Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy as a deadly force whose powers greatly outmatch team Batwomans. At the same time, Ivy’s toxic relationship with Victoria Cartagena’s Renee Montoya was expanded on. The two have some sort of love for one another, but it’s a twisted, dark thing now, fueled by guilt and distrust. 

The Original Poison Ivy Is A Cold–Blooded Killer

Alice and Mary Hamilton have been on a supervillain team up for the past few episodes, and the sisterhood developing between them is shockingly compelling. Mary, AKA Poison Mary finally meets the original Poison Ivy at the end of the episode, restoring her to full strength. Another important but ultimately frustrating b-story revolved around Jada Jet and John Diggle. Diggle comes to visit, joining Jada (mother of Batwoman and Marquis Jet/Joker II) on a quest to find the buzzer Joker was famous for using. 

Joker used the buzzer on a young Marquis Jet, which apparently lead to the empathy sensors in his brain failing. Jada tells Diggle that according to experts she’s spoken with, another jolt with the buzzer should return Marquis to his normal, non-Joker self. While this is a comic-book TV show, this storyline really stretches the suspension of disbelief further than it can go. 

Marquis Jet/Joker 2.0 Did Not Appear In The Flesh This Week

Making things worse was the complete physical absence of Nick Creegan’s Marquis Jet. The new Joker and Batwoman’s half-brother was hurt badly at the end of last episode, leaving his health in question. While I have to assume he’ll make a full recovery, it was weird to watch the next episode ignore his present predicament entirely. Hopefully we get more of Marquis next week. 

Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman, Rachel Skarsten as Beth Kane/Alice, Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton/Poison Mary, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox/Batwing, Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya, and Robin Givens as Jada Jet, and Nick Creegan as Marquis Jet/Joker II. Meet Your Maker also features guest stars David Ramsey as John Diggle and Bridget Regan as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy.

Batwoman returns to air on the CW on January 26th, at 9PM EST. Season 3, Episode 10, “Toxic” is directed by Glen Winter and written by Caroline Dries and Maya Houston.

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