True Detective Interested in The Brave One, Jodie Foster, for Season 4: Exclusive

True Detective is fostering interest for this Academy Award-Winning actress as the second lead of Season 4.
True Detective Season 4 Jodie Foster

True Detective is fostering interest for this Academy Award-Winning actress as the second lead of Season 4.

HBO’s hit crime drama about troubled cops and what drives them to the edge is in the early stages of its fourth season. True Detective is known for its dark and complex lead characters whose personal turmoils become entwined in the equally chaotic case they are attempting to solve. The protagonists’ ups and downs harrowingly reflect the breaks and dead-ends of the case creating a gripping story of personal and professional resolution, that could be seen as both triumph and failure.

The rich subject matter and the sophisticated lives of the lead characters make for truly compelling television, leading to True Detective being nominated for 16 Primetime Emmy Awards. The series allure of the series has attracted world-class, Oscar-worthy talent like such as Woody Harrelson, Mathew McConaughey, Rachel McAdams, and Mahershala Ali to name a few. Now the series is looking to continue its legacy with yet another Oscar-caliber performer.


True Detective Jodie Foster

Season 4 of True Detective is in the early stages of pre-production and scheduled to begin full production in the Fall. Issa Lopez is set to be the showrunner and director of the 6-episode 4th Season that looks to be set in the Arctic. The series is looking to return to a more familiar form and feature two leads, rather than a single lead as they did in Season 3. According to our sources, Season 4 is interested in Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster for the second lead, “Danvers.”

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Jodie Foster is a world-renowned actress who has shined on the big screen. Foster is most known for her Oscar-winning performance as Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs. She has been acting since the age of two and is incredible regardless of medium or genre. Her inclusion in True Detective Season 4 would instantly add the dramatic gravitas and star power the series is accustomed to.

In addition to interest in Jodie Foster, we also learned that Issa Lopez is looking to cast an indigenous female for the lead, “Navarro,” to reflect the Alaskan/Arctic setting of Season 4. “Navarro” is billed as an Indigenous female in her 40’s who is established in her career. There are no leads yet on the casting.


True Detective Season 4 is still very early in the pre-production stages, but already seems poised to bring the series back strong. The isolated setting of the Arctic is perfectly in-line with all of the small isolated towns of the first three seasons but poised to give a whole new color palette which will undoubtedly affect the tone and feel. The interest in Jodie Foster also signals the intense drama that is poised to unfold and the caliber of performer needed. True Detective Season 4 might have a lot to do from now until full production begins, but from what we know it already checks all the boxes that fans know and love of the series.

True Detective

Are you excited about True Detective Season 4? Do you hope Jodie Foster joins the series? What do you think about the arctic setting? Let us know what you think in the comments below or share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

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