The Walking Dead adds Lauren Glazier to Samantha Morton’s Alpha Spin-off Episode

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Universe is currently going under expansion.  The main household name, The Walking Dead, is currently in its last season.

The 11th and final season explores the Commonwealth as we’ve never seen before, showing all its dark secrets, and giving the viewer a glimpse of what it takes to run a 50,000+ community. The mid-season finale is currently available for streaming at AMC+. The first spin-off, titled Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) is currently on its 8th season. FTWD showed a never-before-seen side of the zombie apocalypse, creating one of the most memorable first seasons of any spin-off that is currently out, and in my opinion, one of the greatest seasons of TWD Universe.

The second spin-off comes by the name of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and it highlights the life of four teenagers that grew up in the post-apocalyptic world. World Beyond consisted of two seasons, closing its final chapter on December 5th of 2021. 

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AMC is making it clear that The Walking Dead is here to stay. The network announced FIVE more spin-offs. Fan favorites Carol and Daryl will have their own spin-off after The Walking Dead concludes its 11th and final season. The initial rumors are that the duo will venture out towards the mid-west, uncovering new secrets, meeting new communities, and (of course) finding new trouble.

Negan and Maggie will also have their own spin-off. The shocking announcement stated that the duo are headed toward Manhattan. Fans are theorizing that Hershel and Annie (*spoiler alert*, Negan’s wife) have been captured and it’s up to the former enemies to join forces to rescue their loved ones.

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In addition to the two mentioned above, there will also be a series based on a villain’s origin story, and another is an untitled comedy spin-off (this one has my head scratching a bit). There is another one that is well underway. Tales of The Walking Dead is an upcoming anthology series that will follow new and older characters of the franchise. Olivia Munn, Danny Ramirez, Loan Chabanol, Embeth Davidtz, Jessie T. Usher, Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Poppy Liu, and Jillian Bell are all attached to this upcoming series.

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Two brand-new names were added to that list. Mindhunter actress Lauren Glazier and Samantha Morton are both attached to an episode featuring the wild, scary, and fearless leader of the Whisperers named Alpha. This confirms a previous scoop we reported that Morton was back to shoot an episode featuring Alpha. Yellowstone’s Matt Medrano has also joined the cast of the episode. Every episode will be 60 minutes in length, consisting of a total of six episodes.

Is The Walking Dead Heading to the Big Screen?

Let’s not forget that three Rick Grimes movies featuring Andrew Lincoln have also been ordered by AMC. The movies are meant to explain what happened to the former lead character of the series after his abduction by the Civic Republic Military during the episode titled “What Comes After”. It is possible that the movies will also feature the missing character named Heath and the fan-favorite Michonne (who has also left the main series to look for Rick). Pollyanna McIntosh is also set to return as Jadis. 

It is no surprise that The Walking Dead series is now an alternate universe based on the comics. Some events remain the same, but the majority have changed for better and for worse. I’m still incredibly salty about Carl’s untimely death on the tv series as he *COMIC BOOK SPOILER ALERT* becomes the “main” character after the death of his father which culminated at the end of the comics.

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At the end of the comics, it’s revealed that Carl is reading a book about his father to his daughter Andrea. It is assumed that the events of The Walking Dead, especially the ones that take place during the Commonwealth, are the stories being read by Carl to his daughter as she learns her origins and who her grandfather was. 

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