Legendary South Korean Pop Group 2NE1 Reunite at Coachella 2022 Stage

Kpop girl group legends 2NE1 wowed audiences as they reunited on stage at Coachella 2022 during 88Rising's set and I am SHOOK!

Kpop girl group legends 2NE1 wowed audiences as they reunited on stage at Coachella 2022 during 88Rising’s set and I am SHOOK!

As a huge Kpop fan, this is enormous! 2NE1 was initially formed in 2009 and officially disbanded in 2016, to many people’s dismay. The group is comprised of CL, leader of the group; Bom, main vocalist, Dara, singer; and Minzy, main dancer. Nowadays Kpop groups are generally in the same age group but these queens are KILLING it and their ages range from 28-to 39, reminding everyone that it doesn’t matter how old you are, but the impact you leave.

2NE1 Reunites at Coachella!!!

Can I just say how ecstatic I am that slowly we are getting more and more Asian representation at big events such as this? Ever since Kpop became huge here in the US I’m seeing more of my favorite groups getting the spotlight. BTS were nominated for Grammy’s twice, Stray Kids on American talk shows and preparing to come here as part of their tour, Monsta X performing at my alma mater George Mason University (can’t wait!), and more. In a sense, I feel validated.

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Growing up I was mocked and made fun of for watching/listening to Japanese and Korean media. I was made fun of for watching anime in Japanese and listening to Korean music because it was such a foreign concept for people here in the US at that time. As a foreigner myself, I am attracted to other cultures and just so happen to have a special interest in these countries. Now that anime and Kpop are dominating their respective industries, I do unfortunately have mixed feelings.

I’m happy that finally my interests are being normalized but I’m also a little salty. Why was I mocked in middle/high school but kids nowadays are praised for being diverse? I felt cheated in a way. Ultimately, I am ELATED that this is becoming a new normal.


2NE1 wowed the audience as they performed their greatest hits. CL performed her solo pieces “Hello Bitches” and “Spicy” and then ultimately came together with the rest to perform my personal favorite “I Am the Best”. THAT is how you do a comeback!! I’m SO jealous of everyone who got to witness this amazing stage. They are in the presence of early 2010s ICONS. I remember jamming to “I Am the Best” so much around that time and looks like I’m going back to it once Ramadan is over. I STRONGLY urge you all to look up their greatest hits and let me tell you, you won’t regret it.

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Other than 2NE1’s comeback we also saw the queen Utada Hikaru performing her greatest hits from my favorite video game franchise Kingdom Hearts, “Simple and Clean” and “Face My Fears”. I would have given an arm and a leg to be able to witness this! I also saw the Jackson Wang (squee!) performed at Coachella. Others include Epik High, Arooj Aftab (REPRESENTING MY HERITAGE AYE!), and more.

After seeing 2NE1 reunite on stage…does that mean they actually reunited and will come out with new music?? We can only hope so! I’ve never gone to Coachella because I never cared to see mainstream artists but now that more and more Asian groups are gracing the lineups, I wouldn’t mind dropping a good $400 next time. We’ll see!


Have you listened to 2NE1? Were you as excited as I am for their reunion? Do you need recommendations on which songs to start with? Let us know in the comments below and share your reactions with us on Twitter.

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