‘Trill League’ Animated Superhero Series From Anthony Piper, 50 Cent, & Leann Bowen In Development For BET+

Trill League, an animated series from Anthony Piper, 50 Cent, and Leann Bowen, is in development for BET+.

Trill League, an animated series from Anthony Piper, 50 Cent, and Leann Bowen, is in development for BET+.

50 Cent took to his Instagram on Tuesday (Oct. 11) with a screenshot of the news. The Hip-Hop mogul turned TV Boss wrote: “I Told you I’m not playing another one, I got Leann Bowen who brought you Ted Lasso & Anthony Piper’s Trill League is a direct hit I’m not f**king around. GIG GreenLightGang.”

Trill League’s Long and Complicated History

trill league
Anthony Pipers Trill League

Three years ago, Trill League was an animated series ordered by Quibi, the short-lived quarter-hour streaming service that didn’t make it a year. Then, earlier this year, it was reported that creator/producer Anthony Piper was thinking about abandoning the project altogether and focus his efforts elsewhere. Trill League has been a crowd favorite viral sensation since 2015 when Piper launched a kick starter introducing the world to Sparrow, Blackmayne, and Wonderisha, just to name a few.


The project was immediately on production companies collective radar. Since then, it was optioned at Adult swim, obtained a development deal, and then moved to the streaming service Quibi, where Curtis “50 cent” Jackson was attached. Now it’s been picked up at BET+. Somewhere within that transition, co-writer Jameel Saleem (known for South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Bob’s Burgers, and Disenchantment), due to scheduling conflicts, had to leave the project and Bowen was added.

Now, Deadline is reporting that BET+ is developing the animated series with a new co-writer for Piper, Leann Bowen. Bowen is best known for her work on Apple’s hit series Ted Lasso. The Emmy award-winning producer also serves as showrunner for the Dear White People spinoff, Plan A on Starz, after writing on every season of the original Netflix series.

Piper is a professional writer, illustrator, and designer with experience in both the animation and comic industries. He was a lead character designer for Fox’s animated series Major Lazer and Axe Cop. His self-published comic Trill League, which is a hip-hop and anime-influenced parody of DC comic characters and mythology, has a large following thanks to social media promotion.

Trill League Comic Cover

The new TV series is an adaptation of the viral webcomic series of the same name by Anthony Piper. Piper’s self-published comic Trill League is a Hip-Hop and anime-influenced read that puts a twist on DC comic characters. back in 2019, the synopsis was: “In an era of social injustice and internet trolls, a league of black superheroes, Trill League, is tasked with saving the world from monsters, super villains and haters of all kinds. Get ready for this remixed rendition of your favorite superheroes as the series satirizes modern American society”.

The new synopsis isn’t far off “The series follows a team of Black superheroes as they deal with haters and their own personal issues as well as monsters and supervillains.” Trill League just finished their second successful Kickstarter campaign for Episode two in April to the tune of 603 backers who pledged a total of $43,775. Which is double the amount pledged on episode one. This should speak to why this project has so much buzz and traction anywhere it goes in all its forms. Success seems to be the only synonym regarding Trill League. Don’t be surprised when a film is mentioned in the near future.

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Source: Deadline


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