Next 2 Challengers For WWE World Heavyweight Championship Possibly Revealed

Seth Rollins gets two new challengers for his World Heavyweight Championship.
WWE Damian Priest Finn Balor Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins gets two new challengers for his World Heavyweight Championship.

It is not easy being champion. Rollins knows this fact all too well being a two-time WWE champion and a two-time Universal champion. However, Rollins has a new championship and everyone wants to hold the newest toy on Raw.

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Rollins had his first title defense of the World Heavyweight Championship on this week’s Raw against Judgement Day’s own, Damian Priest. He was able to retain his championship, but the next challenger made his presence known immediately. The leader of the Judgement Day, Finn Balor, came down to the ring to aid Priest.  After the match the two men had a staredown and seemingly set up a future match.

Balor Getting Revenge On Rollins Over Past Shoulder Injury

WWE Seth Rollins Finn Balor Championship
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Rollins and Balor are no strangers to each other and have met in the ring many times. However, Balor has a bit of unfinished business with him. When the Universal Championship was first created the two men fought to be the first to hold the new championship. Balor won the match and was the first Universal champion. However, during the match Balor received a real shoulder injury which required surgery and was forced to relinquish his championship.

Balor probably never got over that and may want his revenge. The next premium live event is Money In The Bank which will occur Saturday, July 1. If these two men are going to go at it then it will be then.


As dangerous as Balor is, there is another who is physically ever more terrifying. This person Rollins has never faced, but every man on the main roster has been dreading the day he gets called up.

The Breaker Of Men And Their Championship Dreams

WWE Damian Priest Finn Balor Seth Rollins
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This man is none other than former two-time NXT Champion Bron Breakker. On this week’s NXT, Breakker attacked Ilja Dragunov and showed how dangerous he is. Before the show ended a camera crew asked why he attacked Dragunov and he said he is coming after everyone but his next target is Rollins.

“Why did I attack Ilja Dragunov? Because I’m not going to let Ilja spit out some garbage about how he’s the most intense guy in WWE,” Breaker said. “Are you kidding? I’m going to start holding everyone accountable all the way from the top to the bottom all right? And speaking of all the way to the top. How about our WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Freaking Rollins, Monday Night Rollins. The workhorse of WWE.


You know what? How about you prove it? Cause you’re pretty familiar with how we do things here cause you were the first ever NXT champion and I was the most dominant NXT champion. So why don’t you come here and put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against me.”

Breakker Looking To Break Some Main Roster Superstars

WWE NXT Bron Breaker Carmelo Hayes
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Breakker has been the most dominant wrestler NXT has seen in a long time, maybe ever. That isn’t surprising when you find out that he is Rick Steiner of the Steiner Brothers’ son. If it isn’t evident by the way he looks then it is by the way he wrestles. He is all power and Suplexes like his dad and uncle.

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Breakker just lost a match that would have made him a three-time NXT Champion at NXT Battleground a little over a week ago. It looks like he has set his sights on a bigger prize and that prize happens to be around Rollins’ waist.

WWE Bron Breakker
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We don’t know when or if Rollins will accept this challenge. Rollins isn’t exactly all there in the head so predicting his next move is impossible. He may also decline because Breakker is in NXT and he may view him as beneath him. However, Breaker is coming to the main roster and rumors say it is soon.  SummerSlam is August 5 and what better way to celebrate SummerSlam than Breaker Gorilla Press PowerSLAMING Rollins in the middle of the ring?

What do you think of Rollins’ next two possible challengers? Do you think either of them have what it takes to defeat Rollins? Is Breakker too much of an unknown for Rollins to beat?  When and where do you think each match will happen? Will it be a Triple-Threat match at Money in the Bank? Let us know if you think Breakker is ready for the main roster and for a World Heavyweight Championship reign.

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