Power Rangers 30: New Look at Hasbro’s Megazord & Role Play Items for Cosmic Fury

The 30th season of the Power Rangers franchise is right around the corner! This Fall will see the release of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury on Netflix and Hasbro is getting ready with a whole new batch of toys.  Morph With The Power Rangers!

Morph With The Power Rangers

Previously pictures of the Morpher for the main team were posted online thanks to an overseas retailer and were later found in stores in Germany. Compared to the prop in the show this toy is significantly less painted and detailed.

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Thanks to @HurricaneGold_ on Twitter we got the first look at the toy in action in the form of a detailed livestream to show off the features. In addition to a number of animal sounds, lights, and phrases designed to interact with the show on TV there are also “It’s Morphin Time!” phrases from each member of the team, including Fern as previously exclusively reported by The Illuminerdi, Cosmic Fury Orange Ranger.


Cosmic Fury Megazord

It wouldn’t be a season of Power Rangers without Zords and now we have our first look at the Cosmic Fury Megazord Mega Pack thanks to @MegaPowerBrasil.

It’s already been revealed that while the suits and plot for the new season will be original ideas there will still be Japanese Super Sentai footage used in Cosmic Fury in the form of the Zords/Mecha footage and designs from 2017’s Uchu Santa Kyuranger. 

Hasbro’s version of Kyurenoh from that series includes the Lion, Chameleon, Bull, Wolf, and Shark Zords for the Red, Green, Black, Blue, and Gold Rangers. This includes a change from the Kyuranger footage where the Shark was a Swordfish and belonged to the Yellow Ranger of that team. 

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This has been adapted to fit the color scheme of the Cosmic Fury team, which doesn’t have a Yellow Ranger. 

Being carried over from the Dino Fury toylike of the last 2 years is Hasbro’s Zord Link technology, which includes universal swappable parts for the globes on each Zord. In the Sentai, these were the Kyutama, a collectible item that worked with numerous toys from the season that doesn’t appear to be carried over for Cosmic Fury. 

The back of the box showcases a number of alternate toy exclusive combinations for this Megazord and it’s sure to be a worthy replacement or addition for the Kyurenoh design to people’s collections. 

Currently, it’s unknown how many of the 15 Kyuranger Mecha will be brought over to a US release, nor is it known what Zord Zayto, now the Zenith Ranger, will use. 


Speaking of the Zenith Ranger this new champagne-colored Ranger will get his very own role-play set with a mask and dagger. These have been released in the past for the different Rangers and was how the dagger form of the Chromafury Saber made it to shelves during Dino Fury. While the other toys have not found their way to shelves in the US just yet this set was found already at a Target by @doublek1419.

The concept art of Cosmic Fury didn’t show a weapon for the Zenith Ranger so it’s yet to be seen if this dagger will be in the show itself or if Zayto will use something else.

You can find these initial offerings for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury on store shelves later this fall! Currently, it is unknown, especially with the short episode count, how many more toys Hasbro will be making, if there will be basic figures or not, or even more Zords. Only time will tell.

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