Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Rumor Overview With Latest November Updates

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Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger rumors keep spreading so now is a perfect time for an early rumor overview. The 48th Super Sentai series has been gradually revealed by information passed around by fans, highlighted by Rangerboard via Dukemon. With the year almost over and the first silhouettes expected soon, we are filtering through the previous rumors and potential leaks posted on social media. Better details have also been shared that magnify the past releases, with better and stronger details painting a better picture.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger is the upcoming 48th Sentai series revealed by trademark and will feature during the release for 2024. RangerBoard has hosted many rumors and leaks as one of the biggest and oldest communities for Power Rangers and other Toku heroes. The moderator, Dukemon, is one of the greatest contributors to the community that discovers and unravels a lot of information to excite the fandom. Sentai series such as Donbrothers and KingOhger were given this exciting suspense with various rumours and leaks proving true which are often a month before official confirmations finally reveal them.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Update Overview of Sentai Rumors

Boonboomger has already been revealed by a rumor as a vehicle Sentai series, which will dominantly feature the arsenal and aesthetic. The colors expected for the 48th Sentai team are currently slated to be Red, Blue, and Pink, with Black and Orange also part of the core team.

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There are still many details regarding the appearance of the team yet to be fully clarified, but the Ranger series will see the return of a wrist-based Changer for the transformation device. This includes the use of a car meter being used for the logo and the design of the Changer itself.

Suit & Arsenal Gimmicks Rumored

The team has many similarities to other Booming Machine Power Sentai teams, including Carranger and GoOnger. The main features for the Ranger forms currently consist of wheels returning for the helmet design, white as a dominant suit color for the team, with Red, Blue, and Pink starting the series. Black and Orange are expected to join the team later, but there are also hints of coupling members in categories. So far, this is only hinted to be a grouping related to the Male and female ratio rather than the motifs or roles.

Red, Blue, Orange = 🔥 
Pink, Black = đź’§ 

Dukemon via Rangerboard – Boonboomger rumor from September 23rd 2023

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The overall arsenal has yet to be revealed for the team, which creates excitement for the secretive concept. The new Changer is currently expected to be a wrist or watch based transformation device, with the ability for the meter component to be attached on weapons. There is currently no rumors or information regarding the individual weapons or similar releases. There is also no collectible gimmick expected much like KingOhger instead of a series like Donbrothers, but confirmation have yet to be revealed as only leaks have suggested this to be the case.

The Boonboomger Sentai Mecha and Robo Formation

The new Mech and Robo have been the main feature for the rumors and leaks shared on social media. Although there haven’t been defined motifs, the concept suggests a similar shared mech to LupinRanger/Patoranger’s GoodStriker. The rumours currently comprise the Robo as a box-based design that includes a possible bus or large vehicle for the basis of the body, with the rest of the Rangers using a Mecha to form the rest. The latest information includes a possible truck for the head and chest, a bike for both arms, with the legs formed by a container.

There isn’t any concrete information regarding how many forms the main Robo or what vehicle each of the team has. A crushing combination gimmick had been mentioned before, but no new updates have revealed more yet. However, it is anticipated that the first 3 Rangers will complete the first formation. For now, only land-based vehicles are expected to feature but discussions lean towards an expectation of water-based vehicles to feature rather than aerial machines like seen for Kirameiger. For now, many mysteries remain, and it will be exciting to find out what the new line will include.

New First Gashapon Listings for Tiny Boonboomger Items

Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger

New listings have been discovered that are connected to the 48th Sentai series, which may bare similarities to KingOhger. This includes Swing Set 1 and Metallic Swing Set 1, which are expected to be the Ranger figures and a metallic set to be like the Chikyu Kingdom logos previously released. This could mean that the team could have their own emblems to represent them or representation for businesses and institutes like seen for Gekiranger and Kirameiger.  Along with this new listing, a lack of collectible gimmick listing is also noticed, which lines up with previous leaks for the new Sentai series.

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This new Boonboomger Sentai series is really starting to ignite the engine of excitement as more information is shared by Rangerboard and other fans. There is talk of a mash-up theme like seen with GoOnger and KingOhger dual concept themes, but there is so much still to be revealed. The full picture is one of the most anticipated releases at this present time, with images expected during the 1st week of December. As we get closer to this time, fans could expect many more rumours and even leaks to be shared before the end of the month.

Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger is expected to release the first images during December, with magazine images of the new toys just before Christmas. More Rumors and leaks are expected to release soon, with more shared information to debut via Rangerboard.

Super Sentai logo

What do you think of the upcoming 48th Sentai series and its rumors? Are you excited to discover more about Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger? Will you be seeking those first official images during December? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.

Source: Rangerboard

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