EDENWOOD #4 – Explore A Fantastic New World Of Witches, Vampires and Demons

Get ready for the upcoming 4th issue of Edenwood with this recap & explanation of the comic book!

Edenwood is a new fantasy comic book series from writer/artist Tony S. Daniel. The 4th issue will be published on Jan. 31, 2024.

Tony S. Daniel has worked for Marvel and DC in the past, with his name on comics such as Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, and X-Force. But Daniel is now working with the creator-owned publisher Image Comics to tell a fantastic story of magic, murder, and mystery. Welcome to Edenwood.

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Rion is a young man living in a dystopian alternate version of the United States. In this world, a demonic army and the forces of witchcraft have taken hold of Earth. The Witch War Council controls Edenwood, a magical land that serves as a barrier between the US and the demon-land of Necronema.


Rion is hanging out with his friends, his girlfriend Adelai, and her brother Elias on the edge of the mystical Edenwood. Rion goes deep into the woods to show his love for some rare fauna, but the magic of the land ruins his plans. Time and space work differently in the world of witches, and Adelai is separated from Rion. Our hero is determined to find his lost lover, but he will need help to make his way through this unfamiliar and dangerous territory.

Credit: Image Comics

That’s where the demon hunter Bastille comes in. Demonic forces come after Rion. After Bastille saves him, the eccentric knight decides to make Rion his squire. The pair travel the Edenwood hunting demons and looking for clues to the location of Adelai.


Credit: Image Comics

Edenwood alternates between flashbacks to the beginning of Rion’s journey with Bastille and panels which take place in the present day, three years after arriving in Edenwood. Bastille and Rion face off against more than just demons. They fight vampires and hideous creatures called “Gathers”, which can transport beings between otherwise impassable barriers.

Elias and others from the friend group come into contact with Rion in Edenwood, leading new, dangerous lives in the war between demons and witches. Adelai is still out of Rion’s reach at this point, but she has found a way to communicate with him through magic. But considering Adelai’s time in the company of demonkind, can she be trusted anymore?


There is so much to love about Edenwood. The armor of Bastille is gorgeous, just begging to be materialized in the real world through cosplay or a live-action adaptation. The fictional reality Tony S. Daniel created here is alluring and richly layered with social commentary. There is a lot going on in this book, and that is a blessing and a curse. It’s a lot to digest on the first read-through, but the amazing artwork and gripping conflict will make you want to flip through the pages again and again.

On Jan. 31, 2024, Edenwood #4 becomes available digitally and wherever comics are sold near you. The first three issues are on sale now. Don’t miss the exciting new chapter!


Credit: Image Comics

Writer: Tony S. Daniel
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Publisher: Image Comics

Synopsis: Flashbacks reveal that young Rion and his Demon Killer mentor, Bastille, are closing in on the Black Lake Trio, who Bastille has been hunting throughout the Edenwood. Current-day Rion and his new allies discover a gang of demons who are responsible for the purge of the last surviving Demon Killers. Rion must decide to stay and fight demons in the Open Lands or return to Edenwood, where he faces almost certain death at the hands of the Demon Kings and their army. A TRAITOR is discovered within the Witch War Council.

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SOURCE: Image Comics

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