WONDER WOMAN – The Lasso Of Truth, Lies, & Beyond!

Wonder Woman fights crime with the "Lasso of Truth". But there are more magical lassos in the DC Universe...
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Wonder Woman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. She has fought enemies with her Lasso of Truth for decades. But Wonder Woman isn’t the only superhero in her family, and hers isn’t the only enchanted lariat around.

There are several incredible weapons like the Lasso of Truth throughout the DC Universe. Items like the Lasso of Persuasion, the Golden Boleadoras, and the Lasso of Lightning allow Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and more to save the day in style.

Wonder Woman – The Lasso Of Truth

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is one of the most iconic weapons in the DC Universe for good reason. Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman wields the lasso with boundless strength and skill, ensnaring villains with its golden might.

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The Lasso of Truth is nigh-indestructible, and it can magically compel those it touches to tell the truth. Additionally, the lasso’s mystical properties allow it to change length to best fit the current situation. Diana’s lariat represents her status as a symbol of honesty and power.

Wonder Girl – The Lasso Of Persuasion

Wonder Woman has several “sidekicks” who operate as Wonder Girl, but Donna Troy is the first. Donna Troy originally came onto the scene in 1965, and for many decades she used a lasso similar to Diana’s. Donna’s first lasso featured the magical invulnerability and length-shifting properties of the original, but it could not force honesty.

Donna Troy’s first lasso was replaced in Justice League Of America, Vol. 2, Issue 44. In a fight against Etrigan the Demon, Donna unleashed her new “Lasso of Persuasion”. The lasso is more of a silver/blue color, and it has a unique ability. If she has a greater will than those ensnared, Donna’s lariat will compel them to obey her commands.

Wonder Girl – Silent Armor & Lasso Of Lightning

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Cassie Sandsmark is the second sidekick to operate as Wonder Girl. Cassie is the daughter of an archaeologist and a descendant of Zeus. She was originally the daughter of Zeus before retcons made her his granddaughter instead. Cassie’s connection to the Greek gods brought her a unique weapon.

Her first lariat was the Lasso of Lightning, gifted to her by Ares, God of War. Ares is one of Wonder Woman’s most consistent enemies, but the family dynamics of Mount Olympus complicate their relationship. Ares has a soft spot for Cassie, which is why he gave her a weapon that creates lightning and grows stronger with rage.

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In a different timeline, Cassie does not wield the Lasso of Lightning, but is possessed by the “Silent Armor”. The artifact is a super-suit that comes with a red lasso. The Silent Armor was created by an alien species to fight Trigon and it can corrupt one’s mind through its singular vision. The lasso can be used independently of the armor and can siphon the life force of others.

Wonder Girl – Golden Boleadoras

The most recent Wonder Girl is Yara Flor, the daughter of an Amazon and a Brazilian river god. Although she was born in the Amazon and spent her early youth there, Yara was raised in Boise, Idaho. As a young adult, she returned to Brazil to explore her heritage.

In Wonder Girl Vol 3, Issue #2, Yara meets the river goddess Iara, whom she is named after. The deity saves Yara from drowning and gives her the “Golden Boleadoras”. This weapon can blast electricity like the Lasso of Lightning and evoke honesty like the Lasso of Truth.

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Yara Flor’s creator Joelle Jones stated that the Boleadoras can control someone’s actions, though they haven’t been used in this capacity yet. Considering that they have the power of three lassos combined, the Golden Boleadoras are arguably the strongest weapon on this list.

Trinity – The Lasso Of Lies

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Marston Prince, AKA “Trinity” is the daughter of Wonder Woman in a future timeline. She is a new character who has only appeared in a few issues so far. We don’t know who her father is, or her origin story as a hero. We do know that Trinity is a hero similar to Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl and that she is armed with weapons like theirs.

She uses a “trinity” of lassos to fight for justice. The trinity seems to consist of the Lasso of Truth, the Lasso of Persuasion, and the new “Lasso of Lies”. The weapon forces those touched to believe whatever lies the wielder tells them. The truth about how the Lasso of Lies ended up in Diana’s (and by extension, Trinity’s) possession is unfolding in Wonder Woman Vol. 6, an ongoing series.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is such an iconic weapon that it has spawned several lesser-known variations over the years. There are even more alternate-universe variations of the weapon, such as the “Bind of Veils” and the “Lasso of Submission”. The secret history of several enchanted lariats like the Lasso of Persuasion and the Lasso of Lies is still unknown. Can DC provide fans with a satisfying answer to the mystery of these fantastic weapons?

Wonder Woman; The Complete Collection Lynda Carter Art

Read more about Trinity and her lassos in Trinity Special #1, available digitally or at your local comic book store on Jan. 30, 2024. Trinity will also be featured in a time-traveling story in Wonder Woman #8, which arrives on April 16, 2024.

Which extraordinary lasso (or boleadoras) is your favorite? Who is your favorite hero in Wonder Woman’s side of the DC Universe? Let us know your thoughts on social media and thanks for reading! We are always watching.



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